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12 Simple Photography Tips Beginners Need to Know

If you want to get started in photography as a business, take this advice
Photo of beginner tips

If you’re a beginner who wants to get more serious about your photography, you’d do well to check out the below tutorial from portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi. In the video at the bottom of this post, Kobeissi shares 12 tips she says beginners “must know” if they want to get started in photography as a business.

Many of the tips that Kobeissi explains are simple things she learned while stepping up from being an amateur to launching her professional photography career. Others she found while scouring the Internet for the most frequent advice photographers give beginners.

#1 Watch Behind You When You Back Up

“You don’t want to back up into lights, you don’t want to back up into equipment or other people, in general, while you’re working” she notes. “Just do a quick little look over your shoulder just like you learned in driving school. You check your blind spot.”

#2 Don’t Drink on the Job

“I actually don’t drink alcohol. Water is my main thing while I’m taking pictures. You’ve got to stay hydrated.  It is a professional environment and at the end of the day, you’re doing a job so don’t drink (alcohol). Drink water.”

#3 Learn & Shoot Manual

“When you rely too much on automatic settings, you’re leaving it up to the camera to decide what the best setting are in that situation. And sometimes it may not always suit you or your style as a photographer. (With manual) you get more control over your settings.”

#4 Shooting in RAW

“RAW files contain more information so you’re able to bring back more details of your photo if, for instance, you shoot a blown-out sky or it’s too underexposed and too dark. You can fix that in post (when you shoot in RAW).”

#5 Don’t Buy Cheap Tripods

“You’re putting thousands of dollars of equipment on this tripod. You want it to be sturdy. You want it to be good quality. The last thing you want is for it to break while your camera is sitting on it.”

#6 Dress Professionally

“Whenever I’m shooting weddings, I try to just blend in. Be a fly on the wall. I wear all black, comfortable shoes. Because I want to be able to comfortably get the shot, move around quickly. Blend in but don’t stand out.”

#7 Always Ask Before You Touch a Model or Adjust Something on a Client

“I’ve said this many times before: you just want to ask first. Or ask the person do it themselves. They will usually be really good with fixing it themselves the first time.”

#8 Have a Contract

“Having a contract is extremely important. It’s going to clarify things such as how long your break time is. How long you’ll be shooting for. How much payment is. When they pay. How many photos they get. Basically, the guidelines of how you do your photography.”

#9 Make Expectations Clear

“Always have a contract and manage client expectations in the contract before you take their money.”

#10 If You Aren’t Comfortable, Don’t Do It

“If you aren’t comfortable with a job, don’t do it. I’ve been approached to do product photography, newborn photography, food photography and I just tell people: ‘Hey, I’m sorry I don’t specialize in that type of thing.'”

#11 Admit Your Mistakes

“Admit your mistakes and reshoot if possible. Offering a reshoot is always a great option if your clients are unhappy with the photos.”

#12 Get a Second Shooter

“Get a second shooter if you need to. And trust me, it’s actually funner to have a second shooter with you. They get extra shots; they can help you set up things.”

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