10 Keys To Unique Portraits

2. Get In The Water
This is bound to make your subject think you’ve gone off the deep end (no pun intended). For subjects like kayakers, swimmers and surfers, water is an obvious location for a portrait. But try convincing a CEO or wedding couple that this is a good idea. Putting people in water, whether it’s a small pool or the ocean, often strips away all pretense and brings out a very primal reaction in your subject.

Consider that your location can help create the overall mood and style of your shot. Putting your subject in the water may or may not be a good idea, but it’s always a possibility.

I once was with a couple who renewed their wedding vows on a beach in Baja. They asked me to shoot photos for them, and I suggested we do some portraits in the water. They agreed, and we created great images of the couple neck-deep in the ocean with the sun setting in the background. Never say never to an idea!

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