5 Key Mistakes Beginner Photographers Should Avoid

Simple photography advice that bears repeating
Photo of a girl with a camera
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: there’s no shame in making a few mistakes as a beginner photographer if can you find a way to learn from them. That’s the message in the below tutorial from landscape photographer and Photoshop expert Serge Ramelli who explains five mistakes he sees beginner photographers consistently... Read more

6 Tips for Great Family Photo Portraits During the Holidays

Photographer Tamara Lackey shares advice on photographing loved ones
Photo of a family portrait
Editor’s Note: This family portrait photography how-to from professional photographer Tamara Lackey is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer. The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s the perfect... Read more

Don’t Make This Beginner Photography Mistake

Avoid this error to make your landscape photos look more professional
Photo of landscape photography mistakes
Everyone’s entitled to make a few mistakes when they’re just starting out in photography. But if you’ve been shooting photos for a while now and are still committing some basic errors, it can make you look like a perpetual beginner. And that’s not a good look if you want to be taken seriously as a photographer. Landscape photography... Read more

How to Plan a Portrait Photo Shoot: Tips & Tricks

Head to your next portrait photography session with confidence
Photo of a portrait photography shoot
It’s one thing to just go out and take some pictures, it’s another thing to actually plan a photo shoot, particularly when it involves shooting portraits of models. Not only is setting up a portrait photo shoot logistically challenging – it can be like herding cats – it might also be intimidating to photograph someone you don’t... Read more

Top 10 Secrets of the Pros for Wildlife Photography

Pro photographer Steve Perry shares his tips on getting better photos of wildlife
Photo of wildlife photography tips
If you’re just starting out in wildlife photography and want to learn from an expert, the below tutorial from professional photographer Steve Perry is a great place to start. In the video at the bottom of this post, Perry shares his top ten pro secrets that beginner wildlife photographers need to know. “Want to learn ten rapid-fire wildlife... Read more

5 Great Waterfall Photography Tips for Beginners

Produce that dreamy, flowing waterfall look without filters
Photo of waterfall photography tips
Do your photos of waterfalls always look the same, i.e., crispy with the water droplets appearing frozen and static? Do you want to take better images of waterfalls that have that dreamy, flowing look you see produced by professional nature photographers? Well, you don’t, necessarily, need to be a professional to capture awesome photos of waterfalls... Read more

6 Tips to Capture Striking Photos of Couples

Pro photographer Jide Alakija shares his secrets for photographing two people together
Photo of a couple
Editor’s Note: This portrait photography how-to from professional photographer Jide Alakija is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer. In this portrait tutorial, Jide shares six of his can’t-miss tips... Read more

How to Pose People for Flattering Portraits

Learn how to pose men, women and couples for photos they'll love
Photo of posing tips from Vanessa Joy
Posing people to make them look attractive in portraits is not easy. In fact, it takes years of training and practice. Fortunately, there are pro photographers like Vanessa Joy who has had years of portrait photography experience and wants to share what she knows with beginners. In the below video, Joy gives you her tips on how to pose men, women, and... Read more

7 Ways to Capture Amazing Photos of Animals

Pro wildlife photographer Kristi Odom shares her top tips
Photo of bears by Kristi Odom
(Editor’s Note: This wildlife photography how-to from professional photographer Kristi Odom is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) Whether you’re in the field, on a vacation or in your own backyard, wildlife... Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Portraits Look More Dramatic

Adding drama will take your portraits to the next level
Photo of dramatic portrait tips
What often separates a good portrait from a great portrait is drama. No, we’re not talking about the drama that comes from working with a high-maintenance model, we mean creating a portrait that looks dramatic or even cinematic. But how do you produce dramatic portraits that will turn heads? Professional portrait photographer Miguel Quiles has... Read more