Quick Fix Fridays: Use A Telephoto Lens For Landscapes

When it comes to landscape photography, most photographers think wide-angle. Sure, wide-angle lenses are great for capturing sweeping vistas. Telephoto lenses, however, are also well suited for landscape photography because they help us "cut the clutter" and frame details in a scene.

Telephoto lenses can help us think like a painter: painting is additive, while photography is subtractive. As we zoom in, we subtract elements in a scene.

Telephoto lenses also compress elements in a scene for a creative effect.

I took the first image in this post in the Conwy Valley, North Wales with my Canon 70-200mm f/4 zoom. From my vantage point atop a near hill, I spotted the "S" curve in the scene. My telephoto zoom let me zoom in, and then zoom in even closer on this cool "S" curve.

Of course, I also took the wide-angle view. For that shot I used my Canon 14mm lens.

With both a wide-angle telephoto shot, I was able to "tell the story" of this beautiful landscape in the Conwy Valley.

Here is a shot my wife Susan took of me shortly after I took my shots. The fog rolled in an instant. The message here: in landscape photography, if you see a shot, shoot fast. You never know when and how fast the weather can change.

Have a fun and creative weekend — with your telephoto lenses, as well as with your wide-angle lenses. And remember, think like a painter!

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