Quick Fix Fridays: Take a Hike!

Happy Friday!

Edward Weston, one of the most respected photographs of all time, said, "Composition is the strongest way of seeing." I agree.

When it comes to outdoor photography, I say, "Take a hike (or drive or ride) for creative composition." Let me explain.

The opening image for this post is my favorite image from my first trip to Antarctica. Look closely and you will see the shape of a polar bear, complete with eyes, ears, nose, paw, knee and foot. How cool!

This is a photograph of the same ice formation, taken from a different position. The picture is a compositional mess. It has no main subject of interest.

To make the opening image for this post, I asked our zodiac (inflatable boat) driver to move closer to and around the ice formation. That’s it. I made my move for creative composition.

Check this out. This piece of ice, which I photographed in a lagoon in Iceland, looks pretty much like a sea horse. Agree?

This is the same piece of ice, photographed from a slightly different angle. It’s a nothing shot.

Here’s a picture of me in Iceland thinking about a shot. I actually think a lot – about composition and exposure – before I shoot. As Cat Steven’s sang in his song, Father and Son, "Take your time, think a lot…."

The more you think about creative composition, and moving around to find creative angles, the more creative your images.

Have a fun and creative weekend!

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