Quick Fix Fridays: Quick People Pictures

Here are two quick tips to help you make better people pictures.

#1 "The camera looks both ways." It’s true, the camera really does look both ways: in picturing the subject, you are also picturing a part of yourself. In other words, you are a mirror. The mood, the energy, the feeling and the emotion that you project are reflected by the subject, in his or her face and especially the eyes. Body language can also be reflected.

As you can tell by the expressions on the subject’s faces in the opening photograph for this post, I was having a blast directing this shot, which I took in a sombrero shop in Panama. I wanted a fun shot.

When I was photographing this model in Atlanta, Georgia, I was being more serious behind the camera. My mood is reflected in the model’s face. That’s the mood I wanted to capture.

Take a look at the faces of these school kids, which I photographed in Lombok, Indonesia. Once again, you can imagine the look on my face. I was having a great time, and so were the kids.

#2 When You Think You’re Close, Get Closer

In most cases, the closer you are to a subject, the greater the impact of the photograph. That said, there is something to be said for negative space.

All the pictures in tip were taken in Miami’s South Beach. The first photograph has more impact than the others because I am standing very close to the lifeguard and the lifeguard stand.

2.This photograph has less impact than the previous image because I am standing further away from the lifeguard.

3. This image is just a snapshot. No impact. As you can see from this series of three pictures, when you think you are close, get closer.

Have fun making creative photographs of your family and friends this weekend.

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