Quick Fix Fridays: Get A Move On In The Studio

In studio lighting, you can change the position of the lights, and you can change your shooting position. Both make a big difference in the end result. Here I changed position, and as you can see, it made a big difference.

In the first photograph, my favorite, I am shooting slightly toward the light.

In the second photograph, I am shooting almost straight toward the subject. It’s not my favorite shot.

In the behind-the-scene image, you can see the light source. It’s a softbox with a grid placed over the diffuser panel. The grid gives more control over the direction of the light than just the soft box with only the diffuser panel in place.

Inside the softbox is a studio strobe. Studio strobes offer more power than continuous light sources (so you can shoot at higher shutter speeds and smaller aperture) and recycle faster than camera strobes.

The lighting diagram is not 100 percent to scale and accurate. I included it just for reference.

To spice up the image, I use the Exposure Stretch filter in Topaz Adjust.

Have a fun and creative weekend — while getting a move on!

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