Quick Fix Fridays: Analyze This

As photographers, it’s important for us to analyze our images — to see what went right, so we can have repeat successes, as well as to see what went wrong, so we can avoid mistakes.

To illustrate how we can analyze an image, I thought I’d analyze the opening image for this post. Here goes. The letters in the image correspond to my analysis.

A and B. Due to the extreme contrast range in the scene, HDR (high dynamic range photography) was needed to bring out the detail in the dark interior, as well as to maintain detail outside. I took three exposures (0E=V, +2 EV and -2RV) and combined them into a HDR image using Nik HDR Efex Pro.

C. To make the model stand out in the image, I framed her upper body in the red frame on the background wall.

D and E. To get everything in the scene in focus, I used a wide-angle lens, small aperture and focused 1/3 into the scene. Remember, just because you have an autofocus camera, that does not mean your camera knows where to focus.

F. The main subject is positioned off center, which is a basic rule of composition.

G. To bring out the texture in the interior, I used the Spicify filter in Topaz Adjust.

One final comment on this image, which can be applied to all your images: Never underestimate the importance of an interesting subject.

Have fun analyzing your images this weekend.

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