How to Remove People in Photoshop in Seconds

Image of Photoshop trick

Here’s a fast, simple and effective Photoshop tutorial for removing people or objects from an image in seconds. Yes, seconds; 15 seconds to be exact, which is also the length of the video below from PiXimperfect.

Led by software guru Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect who whips through a demo of how to remove a person from a sample image, the tutorial might be over before you know it. While it’s a nifty example of how quick and easy the process is, you will probably want to watch it a few times to see all of Dinda’s slick editing moves. The key is a handy new Photoshop tool called Object Selection.

“The quickest way to remove any subject or object from an image with Photoshop,” he says. “In this short tutorial, learn how to use the brand-new Object Selection Tool along with the updated Content-Aware Fill to instantly select and replace any object.”

Here are the steps so you can follow along in the video.

#1 Select the Object Selection Tool

#2 Choose the Rectangle Mode

#3 Make a selection around the subject you want to remove

#4 Go to Select and drop down to Modify and expand the selection

#5 Go to Edit and choose Content-Aware Fill

#6 Choose settings according to your preferences

#7 Hit Ok

#8 Repeat the process to fix the “wonky” areas in your edit and you’re done

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