Fire In The Sky

Quick Fix: Fire In The SkyWe all love watching sunsets, looking at pictures of sunsets and, of course, photographing sunsets! The warm colors—deep shades of red, orange and yellow—evoke feelings of peace and tranquility and a sense of awe at nature’s wonders.

In this column, I’ll share with you a few Photoshop Elements techniques for improving on Mother Nature’s colorful daily finale. You can apply similar enhancements in most other photo software and, of course, in Photoshop CS2/CS3.

In Photoshop, the dialog boxes and the menu commands will be slightly different than described and shown here, but you’ll be able to achieve the same end result. Let’s start the fun-and the creative process!

Step One Step One Here’s my straight-out-of-the camera image—not the greatest sunset I’ve seen in my life.

Step Two Step Two To intensify the colors in the scene, I went to Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation and boosted the Saturation by moving the triangle on the Saturation slider to the right.

Step Three Step Three Next, I wanted to see how a color variation of the scene could enhance my picture, so, you guessed it, I went to Enhance > Adjust Color > Color Variations. In the Color Variations window, with Midtones selected, I clicked on Increase Blue because I wanted a deeper shade of blue in the sky.

Step Four Step Four As you can see, after increasing the saturation and blue tones in the scene, my picture looks more dramatic.

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