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This Photoshop Tool Can Erase People in Seconds

Content-Aware Fill zaps objects in an image and produces a clean background
photo of content-aware fill

If you’ve just started using Photoshop and haven’t yet tried Content-Aware Fill, you’re in for an editing treat. One of the most popular tools for removing people and objects in an image while maintaining a cleanly blended background so your edited photo looks natural, Content-Aware Fill is popular with Photoshop beginners and pros alike.

First introduced in Photoshop in 2010, Content-Aware Fill has evolved with a series of related tools that harness the power of Adobe’s blend modes to help “fill in the blanks” in a background when an object is removed from a photo. To do this, Content-Aware fill analyzes the pixels around your selection using AI and “imagines” what would be there once the object is removed. The result is a clean background that matches the lighting and the texture of the surrounding area.

While Content-Aware Fill is not hard to use, there’s a lot you can do with it. In the below, free, hour-long video tutorial, Jesús Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel teaches you everything you need to know about this magical tool.

“Today we’re going to discuss Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop and not just Content-Aware Fill but all the [related] tools in Photoshop,” Ramirez explains. “But first off: what is Content-Aware? It’s simply a technology that analyzes your photo to determine how an adjustment will be applied. It helps you blend pixels and color better when making fills in Photoshop.”


In the below video, Ramirez shows you all the tools in Photoshop that feature this technology and how to better utilize them. But first, he gives you a step-by-step demonstration of how to use Content-Aware Fill to remove a person in seconds.

“With the layer selected, select the Lasso Tool and just make a selection around the person,” he explains. “Notice I’m making a very loose selection. I’m not being very precise. Once you have your selection active, what you can do is bring up the Content-Aware Fill dialogue box. Then Photoshop will analyze the image and create a fill. You know what? It did a really good job.”

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