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This New Lightroom Tool Makes It Much Easier to Edit Portraits

Person Mask Options feature automatically selects details in people to edit
Photo of Person Mask Options tool in Lightroom

Sometimes it’s hard to keep tabs on all the helpful new tools Adobe adds to Lightroom and Photoshop. Which is why we always appreciate when photographers call attention to the handy new editing features they now use on a regular basis.

In the below video, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert spotlights a new Lightroom tool he says will change the way he edits portraits “forever.” While that may be a bit of hyperbole, Lambert does seem to mean it.

In the clip, he demonstrates the power and convenience of Lightroom’s new “People Mask Options” which lets you select and mask not only an entire person but their individual details including Face Skin, Body Skin, Eyebrows, Eye Sclera, Iris and Pupil, Lips, Teeth, and Hair.

“In just two clicks literally you can now select not only people but all their characteristics including face, skin body, eyebrows, everything,” Lambert explains. “Every single detail about that person in two clicks. It’s insane.”

Another cool aspect of the feature is that Lightroom uses A.I. to find and create masks on people in your images automatically so you don’t have to spend time selecting them yourself.

“The best part is that it can recognize several people together,” he notes. “So, if you select subject, it’s going to select both people in an image.”


But if you don’t want to mask and edit both people in the image, Lightroom gives you the option to pick either Person 1 or Person 2 and so on.

“You can independently create masks for each one of those people in your image,” Lambert adds. “That’s pretty rad and it saves you a lot of time.”

Check out the video below to see this new People Mask Options tool in action along with demonstrations of some of Lightroom’s other cool new features.


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