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The Best Photoshop Tools for Removing Objects in Images

How to use Content-Aware Fill, the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp Tool
Photo of Photoshop tools

One of the most “magical” things about Photoshop is how it lets you easily remove unwanted objects and other distractions from your images with just a few clicks. There are, however, several handy tools in Photoshop that can zap annoying logos on clothing or erase ugly telephone wires in no time.

In the below tutorial, Aaron Nace from Phlearn explains how to use four of them: Content-Aware Fill, the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp Tool. In the video at the bottom of this post, Nace shows you how to easily harness their power while removing a logo from a piece of clothing in a portrait.

“Like many other tasks in Photoshop, removing objects and distractions from your photos will usually require a number of different tools to make it happen,” Nace says.

“Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tools in Photoshop for removing unwanted things from a photo. Let’s try and remove this logo from the subject’s shirt. Since it’s on a relatively simple background (a plain white fabric with a bit of texture), we can use automated tools to take care of most of the work.”

You can follow along and try these four Photoshop tools as Nace explains by downloading the free sample image here.

#1 Content-Aware Fill

“While Content-Aware Fill does a solid job of realistically removing the logo, zooming into the image reveals some strange repeating patterns and textures that make it obvious the image was edited,” Nace notes.

#2 The Healing Brush

“After using an automated removal tool, it’s common to need to refine that area using more manual methods,” he adds. “This is where the Healing Brush comes in.”

#3 The Spot Healing Brush

“Our typical go-to tool for object removal is another automated powerhouse. The Spot Healing Brush allows you to simply paint over top of an object and Photoshop will do its best to remove it by automatically sampling color and texture from the surrounding areas.”

#4 The Clone Stamp Tool

“When working around lines and edges, there’s no better tool than the Clone Stamp Tool.”

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