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Quickly Straighten Tilted Images in Photoshop with No Cropping

New intelligent straightening tool uses the power of Content-Aware Fill
Photo of the straighten tool in Photoshop

Straightening crooked images in Photoshop can be trickier than it seems. One of the biggest issues is you’ll likely have to crop out some of your tilted image during straightening.

“Usually when we try to straighten our tilted images, it crops it a bit,” software guru Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect explains in the below tutorial. “If you go to the straighten tool and you try to create a straight line, in order to straighten it, it’s cropping out some areas. Now these can be essential areas. And also keep in mind, the more the tilt, the more it will crop. The lesser the tilt, the lesser it will crop.”

A relatively new feature in Photoshop, however, lets you straighten photos without cropping through the power of Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill tool.

“Photoshop has an interesting new feature in the later versions, which allows you to automatically fill up those areas thanks to Content-Aware fill,” he notes.

We mentioned Content-Aware Fill last week in this popular tutorial on how to remove anything in Photoshop. The tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) to fill in areas of an image with content that matches the surrounding scene. It works similarly in the new intelligent straightening feature in Photoshop.

“Straighten, rotate, or expand a photo without cropping in Photoshop,” Dinda says. “Learn how to use the automatic Content-Aware Fill feature built into the Crop & Straighten tool to easily fill the gaps while rotating or expanding your image.”


Watch below as Dinda walks you through the relatively simple process of using the new Crop & Straighten tool with Content-Aware Fill built in. The key is to make sure the Content-Aware box is checked before you straighten your image. While the content that’s added back in by Photoshop’s AI is not, technically, what you shot in camera, it looks pretty close. Try it today!

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