New In Lightroom 5


The newest version of Adobe’s popular Photoshop Lightroom 5 adds several features that further expand Lightroom’s ability to handle the entire photo workflow, from organization to processing and sharing. Two of our favorite new features are Upright and the Advanced Healing brush. These tools make quick work of common photo enhancements.


Even when shooting on a tripod, you may miss getting your horizon straight. And when working with tall subjects like architecture, converging vertical lines may be something you want to correct. Rotating, skewing and cropping your image to get straight horizontals and verticals is possible in most image editors, but it can be time-consuming, especially if you’re working with a batch of images that all need the same correction.

Upright makes these corrections for you automatically. Found under Lens Corrections, Basic, in the Develop Module, Upright offers four settings. Auto will level the horizon, adjust aspect ratio and make perspective corrections in one click. Level will make perspective corrections emphasizing horizontal lines, while Vertical will make corrections weighted on verticals. Full (used in our example image here) is a combination of all of these and has the strongest effect, but it also will likely require more cropping.

You can also take a more precise approach using the sliders under the Manual tab. The Distortion slider is particularly useful for quickly fixing pincushion and barrel distortion caused by wide-angle lenses. There are sliders here to control horizontal and vertical perspectives, image rotation, scale and aspect ratio.

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