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Make Photo Colors Pop with Just One Slider

Enhance AI in Luminar Neo works like "magic"
Photo of colors popping

Lots of software these days claims to have artificial intelligence (or AI) that processes images to perfection without the user having to do much actual editing work. Many of those AI claims are just marketing hype but one piece of software that is turning a lot of heads these days for its AI prowess is Luminar Neo from Skylum.

According to software guru Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, the Enhance AI feature in Luminar Neo is almost like “magic.” In the video below, Dinda shows you how to totally transform an image so colors pop with just one slider in Luminar Neo.

“Can Artificial Intelligence edit your image with just one slider? In this video, we will explore Luminar Neo’s most versatile AI Feature and see how it holds up in the real world,” Dinda says. “Whether you are a portrait or a landscape photographer, in this video, we will test various kinds of photos and discover solutions when things don’t go our way, or the sliders create unwanted results.”

If you aren’t already familiar with Luminar Neo, our sister site, Imaging Resource, explained what this Lightroom/Photoshop rival is all about in a preview of the software when it officially launched earlier this year.

“Underpinning Neo is a brand-new Luminar engine, which allows for improved features and performance,” Imaging Resource’s Jeremy Gray wrote in February. “Among the new features are core tools such as Relight AI, Remove Dust Spots, Remove Power Lines, and Layers and Presets. The inclusion of layers brings Luminar Neo in line with Luminar 4, whereas layers are missing from Skylum’s Luminar AI software. Compared to Luminar 4, Luminar Neo has a lot of advantages, including improved Presets and Looks, AI-based masking, portrait background removal, plus the AI Dust Removal and Relight AI mentioned above.”

Most folks might not know that the makers of Luminar Neo, Skylum is based in the Ukraine and that the company continues to add features to the software despite the country being under attack from the Russian military. Read about how Skylum is surviving and thriving during the war here.

You can purchase Luminar Neo as standalone software for $79 but it does not include future upgrades. The subscription option costs $59 per year and includes all upgrades as long as you remain subscribed. Find out more here.

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