Learn the Basics of Lightroom 2021 with this Free Tutorial

Photo of Lightroom tutorial

If you want to edit your photos like a pro but you’re still a beginner, check out this comprehensive and easy free tutorial on the basics of Lightroom 2021. Led by pro photographer David Manning, the below 25-minute video is an excellent introduction to many of key editing tools in Lightroom.

“I’ve been shooting for 13 years professionally now, and I’ve used Lightroom for those 13 years,” Manning says. “We’re going to walk through all the different tools within Lightroom. What I’m really and truly hoping to do with this video is show you that Lightroom is not as hard as it might seem at first. I know it can be daunting once you open Lightroom and you look at it and you’re just like where do I even begin? But I’ll show you where to begin. It’s pretty simple.”

Here’s a rundown of all the tools and features Manning covers in the video with the times that they come up if you want to jump around or return to bits to get a second take.

1:50 – Lightroom Intro

2:30 – My Presets

3:13 – Histogram/Tone

4:45 – White Balance

5:51 – Texture/Clarity/Dehaze

8:10 – Vibrance/Saturation

9:15 – Tone Curve

11:38 – HSL/Color

14:14 – Color Grading

15:34 – Sharpening/Noise Reduction

19:07 – Len Corrections

19:48 – Effect

20:51 – Calibration

Manning’s video below is the third in a series of Lightroom tutorials we’ve been featuring on Digital Photo. Previously, Lightroom Ambassadors gave us a rundown on their favorite tips and tricks for making photos pop during post-processing. Then we shared an awesome YouTube playlist called Lightroom Coffee Break, which includes dozens of handy 60-second tutorials on how to use Lightroom.

So, after you watch “Lightroom Basics 2021,” you should have a pretty good grasp on how Adobe’s image editor and organizer works. But there’s always more to learn in Lightroom and Photoshop so keep visiting Digital Photo to see more of the best software tutorials.

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