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How to Remove People in Group Photos with Photoshop

Try this easy-to-follow step-by-step method
Photo of a group photo

The process for removing individual people from photos using Photoshop is fairly simple and quick (check out tutorials here and here) but things get trickier when you try to extract people from a group. In the below how-to video, Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect explains and demonstrates his step-by-step method on removing people from group photos in his usual easy-to-follow manner.

“Learn advanced Photoshop techniques to remove people from complex group photos,” Dinda says. “In this tutorial, we will use various problem-solving techniques to achieve a clean result. Starting from blending with masks to using painting techniques to remove an object, we will cover it all. This lesson will also cover how to use hair brushes in situations where the subjects are too close, and you may have to recreate the hair. Besides, we will take the help of compositing to create all the missing parts.”

You can download Dinda’s sample image for free so you can follow along here.

“In this case, let’s say we want to remove this lady in the middle,” he explains. “The first thing we need to figure out to do that is what can we replace that area with? We can clearly see in this case that the lady on the right can easily replace that area.”

Below is his 12-step process for removing people in group photos with time-stamps where you can view them in the video below.


#1 Cut and Replace (0:28)

#2 Mask and Blend (1:33)

#3 The Magic of Hair Brushes (3:29)

#4 Match the Head Shape (4:20)

#5 Correcting the Hair Blend (6:08)

#6 Object Removal with Painting (6:54)

#7 Match the Fill (10:24)

#8 Consider Adding Noise (11:16)

#9 The Most Important Advice (12:31)

#10 Create Missing Elements (13:55)

#11 Match the Elements (16:42)


#12 Removing Edge Lines (18:18)

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