Fast Portrait Fixes

Portrait retouching is a fine art in itself, and it can be really time consuming to achieve meticulous results. Using traditional photo software, you’d need to master several of the more challenging techniques—masking, cloning, transform tools and more—to get results like those possible with dedicated portrait enhancement software Portrait Professional.

Now in version 11, Portrait Professional takes a lot of the technical skill out of the process, automating portrait enhancements like skin smoothing, color correction and even facial geometry adjustment. Open your image, and Portrait Professional identifies key points on your subject’s face, outlining major facial features like the eyes, nose, mouth and chin. You can move these outlines if the software didn’t get it just right, but it’s usually very close.

Once you’ve identified these points, Portrait Professional applies a range of enhancements and corrections to smooth and improve your subject’s complexion, coloration and more. If you’re happy with the results, you can stop there, with an improved portrait in literally just a few minutes. You can apply a variety of preset effects, or even take more direct manual control over specific adjustments via sliders to further refine the results. Available in three versions, Standard, Studio and Pro, the Pro version is optimized for 64-bit operating systems and has no limit on file size. List Price: $39 (Standard); $59 (Studio); $119 (Pro). Visit for a complete version comparison.


You can adjust the outlines of key facial features and see the effects of those changes on the fly.


By default, you’ll see before and after views side by side for comparison. You can also switch to a single view, which can be toggled between before and after.


Use the Touch Up brush to paint areas that need additional smoothing or blemish removal, or choose the Restore brush to bring back details that were removed automatically. Selecting one of these brushes reveals sliders that control brush size and effect strength.


Multiple presets are available for male and female, young and old faces, along with quick adjustments like removing wrinkles or improving complexion. These are one-click adjustments that work automatically. When you choose one, you’ll see the Portrait Improving sliders below move as the adjustments are applied. You can also create and save your own presets.


Zoom in for ultraprecise touch-up work, navigate the image while zoomed in or quickly get back to 1:1 magnification with these controls.


Here are eight groups of slider controls for adjusting everything from skin and complexion to facial geometry and color. If you want to precisely fine-tune any effect, you can do it here.

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