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15 Amazing Photoshop Tips & Tricks to Use Every Day

Speed up the image editing process with these easy Photoshop techniques
Photo of Photoshop tips and tricks

Everyone’s always looking for ways to speed up the often complicated image editing process in Photoshop. That’s why love sharing helpful tips and tricks that will make Photoshop faster and easier.

In the below video from Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid, he shows you “15 shockingly useful tips and tricks for Photoshop.” Need we say more? Here’s how Dodson explains the tutorial, which is designed for everyone from Photoshop beginners to more advanced editors.

“We will talk about some essential time-saving and helpful tips and tricks for using Photoshop,” Dodson says.

“Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or digital artist, these tips and tricks will help you use Photoshop more effectively in all kinds of ways. I cover exporting graphics and fixing a weird export problem that Photoshop has. I talk about creating intricate masks quickly in a variety of ways. I talk about dodging and burning, smart objects, non-destructive editing, hotkeys, opacity, and layer control, doing math, 16-bit image power, gradients and much more!”

Here’s a rundown of the 15 different Photoshop tips and tricks that Dodson demonstrates and explains in the video. We’ve also included time-stamps where you can find them in the clip.


#1 Dodge & Burn with Lines (00:32)

#2 Sticky Rotation (03:25)

#3 Hidden Sliders (06:14)

#4 Adjustments + Smart Objects (07:59)

#5 Merging Layers in Different Ways (10:09)

#6 Exporting Images, Layers & Groups (11:55)

#7 Rotate Cloning & Healing (17:25)

#8 Math in the Inputs (18:36)

#9 Target More Specific Colors for Adjustment (19:34)

#10 Curves Adjustment Split Two Ways (21:43)

#11 Ultra-Complex Masks Made Easy (24:41)

#12 Convert a Color Object to White (28:24)

#13 Preventing Banding & Artifacts with 16-Bits (32:07)

#14 Change the Way Gradients Work (35:46)

#15 Organic & Easy Selections (37:35)

“These are 15 things that you really, really ought to know if you’re using Photoshop in this day and age,” he says. “These are some helpful things, some easy things, some technical things. It’s a little bit of everything mixed into one. If you use Photoshop, you’re going to find this helpful and you’re going to enjoy it.”

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