How to Easily Remove a Fence with Photoshop

Don't hop over the fence. Zap it in Photoshop instead!
Photo of a fence removed in Photoshop
Here’s a common problem you might encounter when trying to photograph animals at a zoo or enclosure: an ugly fence is blocking your shot. But rather than hop over the fence and put you and/or the animal at risk, you can remove it during post-processing if you know a few tricks. In the below tutorial, software expert Anthony Morganti shows you... Read more

The Best Photoshop Tools for Removing Objects in Images

How to use Content-Aware Fill, the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp Tool
Photo of Photoshop tools
One of the most “magical” things about Photoshop is how it lets you easily remove unwanted objects and other distractions from your images with just a few clicks. There are, however, several handy tools in Photoshop that can zap annoying logos on clothing or erase ugly telephone wires in no time. In the below tutorial, Aaron Nace from Phlearn... Read more

3 Steps to Get Sharper Photos Now

Don't over sharpen your shots. Try this method instead
Photo of sharpening tips
Image sharpness is often the key to a successful photo. But beginners will sometimes make a big mistake when trying to sharpen their images in Photoshop, Lightroom or other editing programs after capture. What is it? Over sharpening their photos! That’s the message in the below tutorial by software pro Serge Ramelli who shares three tips to help... Read more

7 Simple Lightroom Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Learn how to get the most out Lightroom quickly
Photo of Lightroom tips for beginners
One of the things beginner photographers find most difficult about a program like Lightroom is just getting started. Adobe’s image editor and processor is so powerful, it’s often hard to know where to begin with Lightroom. A good place to start is the below tutorial from landscape photographer Nigel Danson who explains seven simple Lightroom... Read more

8 Easy Photoshop Hacks for Stunning Portraits

Make your portraits pop with these simple tricks
Photo of Photoshop hacks for portraits
For as powerful a tool as Photoshop is for editing images, it’s equally as complicated. That’s why we always appreciate tutorials with Photoshop hacks, or simple shortcuts that help speed up the editing process while producing winning results. In the below video, photographer and educator Justin Laurens shares his “eight Photoshop... Read more

This Must-Know Tool in Lightroom Targets Specific Areas of an Image

How to use Range Masks in Lightroom
Photo for Range Masks Lightroom
Being able to tweak specific areas of a photo without affecting the rest of the image is the key to a successful edit. For instance, if you want to darken a bright sky in a landscape photo, you don’t really want to darken the trees below it. The result would be a photo that’s too dim overall. Many photographers who are just getting their... Read more

The 5 Worst Portrait Retouching Mistakes

Less is more when it comes to editing portraits
Photo of photo retouching mistakes
We all make mistakes when it comes to editing our photos, but some mistakes are worse than others. This is particularly true when it comes to retouching portraits. Retouch touch your portraits correctly and it will bring out the best in your subject and make you look like a pro. Go overboard (or awry) with your retouching in Photoshop, Lightroom or... Read more

3 Easy Ways to Edit Gorgeous Portraits in Lightroom

Shooting a portrait is only half the battle. Here's how to improve them in post
Photo for portrait editing tips
Shooting a portrait can be only half the battle. Oftentimes, photos of people need to be edited with care during post-processing to bring out the true beauty of the subject. In those cases, many photographers turn to Photoshop or Lightroom to edit their portraits. But both of Adobe’s premier photography programs are incredibly complex and if you’re... Read more

Learn the Basics of Lightroom 2021 with this Free Tutorial

If you want to edit photos like a pro but you're still a beginner, here's a great way to start learning more
Photo of Lightroom tutorial
If you want to edit your photos like a pro but you’re still a beginner, check out this comprehensive and easy free tutorial on the basics of Lightroom 2021. Led by pro photographer David Manning, the below 25-minute video is an excellent introduction to many of key editing tools in Lightroom. “I’ve been shooting for 13 years professionally... Read more

Watch These 60-Second Videos with Easy Lightroom Tips & Tricks

Lightroom Coffee Break playlist on YouTube will help you learn the basics in no time
Screenshot of LIghtroom Coffee Break videos
Digital Photo readers can’t seem to get enough of Lightroom tips, tricks and tutorials. Recently, we shared a story titled “Lightroom 101: 3 Post-Processing Tips to Make Your Photos Pop” and it proved be one of our most popular of last month. Now here’s another great resource: an awesome YouTube playlist with dozens of 60-second... Read more