Build Confidence As A Photographer

Three techniques to help you build confidence as a photographer—which leads to better pictures
Sometimes the most difficult challenges facing novice photographers are related not to matters of cameras and lighting but rather the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills required to produce great photographs. Namely, new photographers aren’t typically confident in their skills, becoming increasingly uncomfortable when it comes to photographing... Read more

Simplifying Portrait Backgrounds

Four techniques for ensuring the focus is on the face
Portrait photography is fascinating for a million different reasons, not the least of which is how we love looking at other people. There’s something special about the human face. We respond to it viscerally when we see someone’s humanity right there in a photograph. Perhaps that’s why so many dedicate so much time to trying to do it well. Of... Read more

Fast Frame Rate Portrait Technique

Shooting several frames per second can make for better portraits, especially when photographing groups and kids
Fast Frame Rate Portrait Technique
I’ve found over the years that sometimes the simplest assignments present the biggest challenges: family portraits, for instance, or portraits of young children. These subjects are fairly straightforward and yet they can be immensely difficult and frustrating if you’re not sure how to do it right. And if you’re not quick, you can miss the perfect... Read more

The Simplest Portrait Posing Trick

Help your subjects look natural even when they don’t know how
Aside from all the technical difficulties of choosing ideal camera and lighting equipment, then deploying each to its fullest potential, portrait photographers are also faced with a challenge they have much less control over: posing their subjects. The challenges these days are even greater, as portrait styles have become increasingly natural with anything... Read more

Choosing The Right Format For An External Hard Drive

From exFat to APFS, drive formatting options are wide—and not very obvious
There are several factors to consider when it comes time to format an external hard drive. Whether you’ll be using it to back up photos for travel, shuttle video files from machine to machine or archive files for the long term, the format you choose for the disk makes a big difference. Here’s help to choose the right hard drive format whether you... Read more

Automatic Panorama Stitching In Photoshop With Photomerge

Photomerge is a powerful tool for automatically combining multiple frames into one big panorama image
Automatic Panorama Stitching In Photoshop
Sometimes, a single frame doesn’t do justice to the big, beautiful landscape before your eyes. In other cases, the lens you’ve got isn’t wide enough to take in the whole scene. Still, in other cases, you need a larger file than what your camera can deliver. Whatever the cause of this conundrum, there’s a simple solution: stitching multiple frames... Read more

Simple Home Portrait Studios

Two great options for useful home setups that don’t require much equipment
At-Home Portrait Studios
For obvious reasons, photographers everywhere have been photographing at home more than ever. For portrait photographers who want the look of a studio that entails a bit of ingenuity but doesn’t involve much specialized equipment, here are two approaches to a simple home portrait studio. One requires a few simple elements such as a strobe, a stand... Read more

Photographing Autumn Sunsets

Fall presents the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful, vibrant sunset landscapes
Photographing Autumn Sunsets
Around September and October of each year, I inevitably gasp the first time I catch a glimpse of the vivid pink, orange and red hues that signal awesome autumn sunsets are beginning to arrive. The sun sets earlier in the day this time of year, and for most of us in the U.S., the early November time change makes it possible to photograph the sunset before... Read more

Flash Blur Fun

Combine flash with ambient light to add motion blur to moving subjects
Flash Blur Fun
When many photographers think about techniques for accentuating motion blur, they consider shutter speed exclusively. And for good reason—as a stationary camera and a moving subject create motion blur, so does panning the camera to keep the subject sharper while the background blurs. But the problem with this approach is that it’s awfully easy for... Read more

Portrait Lenses, Focal Lengths And Faces

Why a long lens produces better portraits than a wide angle
Focal Lengths And Faces
We’ve all heard of portrait lenses, right? And we maybe even know that lenses with a minimum focal length of approximately 70mm constitute these portrait lenses with popular portrait-specific focal lengths including 85mm, 105mm, 135mm and longer. But do we know exactly why these lenses are considered ideal for portraits? Here’s a look at the... Read more