10 Great Wildlife Photography Tips from Pro Shooter Ron Magill

Learn the tricks from a pro to shoot amazing images of animals
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(Editor’s Note: This wildlife photography how-to from professional photographer Ron Magill is part of a new monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) Photography is very subjective. With that in mind, it’s important... Read more

Our Top 5 Most Popular Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography tips and tricks continue to be perennial favorites of readers
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Portrait photography tips, tutorials and how-tos continue to be some of the most popular stories on Digital Photo and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone or a top-of-the-line digital camera with interchangeable lenses, capturing memorable portraits of friends, family, and models is one of the best things about... Read more

How To Photograph A Wedding

Wedding photography assignments can be stressful, particularly for first-time wedding photographers. Here are five tips to help that first wedding shoot go smoothly.
Spring is here, which means wedding season should start heating up along with the weather. Although things haven’t quite returned to “normal” yet, we should certainly start to see an increase in weddings compared to last year. All that pent up demand from lovebirds around the world presents the perfect opportunity for a photographer to add wedding... Read more

How to Photograph Someone in Front of a Bright Window

Two ways to get a proper exposure for portraits in front of windows
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Photographing someone in front of a bright window may seem easy but it’s actually one of the trickier lighting situations you’ll encounter for portraits. The problem is that when someone is backlit by window light, getting the right exposure with your camera becomes a challenge. If you expose for the person standing in front of the window,... Read more

Better Compositions With Simplified Backgrounds

Five Techniques for improving pictures by simplifying the background
Beginner photographers don’t pay enough attention to backgrounds. They end up with frenzied compositions and frames filled with distracting elements or, even worse, telephone poles and palm trees growing out of the tops of heads. One of the most effective ways to take better pictures is to clean up backgrounds and make them less distracting. Here... Read more

5 Smartphone Photography Tricks to Help You Capture Head-Turning Images

All you need is your phone and a few props to shoot photos that will stand out
The fun thing about smartphone photography is that anyone with a smartphone camera can do it. The downside is that many smartphone photos start to look the same. For example, whenever there’s an impressive sunset in your area, image after image of it will inevitably turn up in your social media feed until it begins to get a bit boring. If you... Read more

Distortion Correction With Any Lens

Techniques for correcting distortion in architectural photos without the need for a special lens
When an architectural photographer is hired to photograph a structure, chances are he’s going to use some specialized equipment. Namely, he’s going to employ a tilt/shift (or perspective control) lens in order to minimize the distortion that occurs when a camera is tilted up to photograph a building. Any time the film plane (or sensor plane) isn’t... Read more

5 Flash Photography Tips for Shooting Portraits

Get the most out of your next portraiture session when using flash
Screenshot of flash portrait tips
Using flash when shooting portraits can be a hit or miss scenario for some photographers. Get your flash settings and set-up right, and your subject will look like a movie star. Get things wrong, and it could look like someone dropped a nuclear bomb in front of their face. Fortunately, there are professional photographers like Scott Kelby who is about... Read more

Photoshop Selection Tools

A look at our favorite Photoshop selection tools and what sets each of them apart
As most every photographer surely knows, Photoshop image editing software is capable of doing incredible things. From complex composites to unbelievable photorealistic art, Photoshop makes anything possible. And in many cases, all those special effects start with selections—choosing which pixels a given effect will apply to. The better the selection,... Read more

5 Easy Tips to Help You Shoot Beautiful Portraits from Pro Photographer Jerry Ghionis

New monthly how-to series on Digital Photo features photo tips & tricks from top pros
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(Editor’s Note: This portrait photography tutorial by professional photographer Jerry Ghionis is the first in a new monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer. You can read our 2017 profile of Ghionis here.) I have been... Read more