The Simple Secret For Portrait Lighting Success

Three ways to ensure the subject’s face is the focal point of a photo
Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to interview hundreds of master photographers and learn from all of them. One topic that comes up time and again is the illumination of the human face. Whether it’s a wedding photographer focusing on a bride, a fashion photographer working with a model or a portrait photographer shooting a kid, they all... Read more

How to Take Amazing 360 Degree Photos

Follow these tips to capture 360-degree panoramic images
360 degree photo for how to story
Editor’s Note: The author is General Manager of the THETA Business Division for the RICOH Company. The above image is by @tetsu_photo2. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you may occasionally come across a unique image with the distinct features of 360-degree panoramic photography. With the ability to transform the mundane into compelling... Read more

Want to Take Better Photos? 10 Key Tips

You should always ask yourself these questions before you press the shutter button
Photo for Mango Street photo tips video tutorial
We all want to take better photos but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your images. You end up taking the same sort of photos again and again and never improve. Fortunately, there are handy tutorials from professional photographers to help you step up your photography game immediately. One of our favorite educational resources is Mango Street.... Read more

Soft Light Sources Reign Supreme

Diffusion is the photographer’s best friend. Here are four ways to soften a key light.
Last week, we delved into the pros and cons of tabletop light tents for product photography. What’s the main reason these things are so popular? They simplify the process of creating beautifully diffused, soft illumination. And frankly that’s the be-all and end-all for all sorts of subjects. Not only does it make most products look good, but it... Read more

5 Photo Printing Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

In his latest tutorial, photographer Mark Denney explains five photo printing mistakes that beginners should try to avoid

photo for printing mistakes
There’s still nothing quite like having a printed photo in your hand. An actual photo print has depth, texture, and weight you just can’t reproduce with a digital image on a screen. What’s even better is being able to print one of your photos at home yourself. While there have been many improvements with inkjet photo printers in recent... Read more

The Light Tent Tabletop Mini Studio

The pros and cons of lightbox tabletop photography setups
In my studio product photography class, students invariably inquire about whether they could use a pop-up lightbox (also called a light tent) for their tabletop photography endeavors. While there are certainly good reasons to consider using a light tent, more often than not the inquiring mind is looking for a shortcut to great results. And that’s... Read more

10 Great Wildlife Photography Tips from Pro Shooter Ron Magill

Learn the tricks from a pro to shoot amazing images of animals
Main photo for Ron Magill wildlife tips
(Editor’s Note: This wildlife photography how-to from professional photographer Ron Magill is part of a new monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) Photography is very subjective. With that in mind, it’s important... Read more

Our Top 5 Most Popular Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography tips and tricks continue to be perennial favorites of readers
Photo for best portrait tips
Portrait photography tips, tutorials and how-tos continue to be some of the most popular stories on Digital Photo and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone or a top-of-the-line digital camera with interchangeable lenses, capturing memorable portraits of friends, family, and models is one of the best things about... Read more

How To Photograph A Wedding

Wedding photography assignments can be stressful, particularly for first-time wedding photographers. Here are five tips to help that first wedding shoot go smoothly.
Spring is here, which means wedding season should start heating up along with the weather. Although things haven’t quite returned to “normal” yet, we should certainly start to see an increase in weddings compared to last year. All that pent up demand from lovebirds around the world presents the perfect opportunity for a photographer to add wedding... Read more

How to Photograph Someone in Front of a Bright Window

Two ways to get a proper exposure for portraits in front of windows
Photo of portrait window lighting
Photographing someone in front of a bright window may seem easy but it’s actually one of the trickier lighting situations you’ll encounter for portraits. The problem is that when someone is backlit by window light, getting the right exposure with your camera becomes a challenge. If you expose for the person standing in front of the window,... Read more