Visualizing Exposure Effects

A straightforward look at the effects of changing shutter speeds, apertures and ISOs
A lot of new photographers pick up their cameras, switch the mode dial to fully auto, start shooting and… stop learning. But the ones who want to take their photography skills to the next level soon start investigating the manual exposure modifiers that provide them with complete control over every frame. That’s all a camera really is, after all:... Read more

Watch These 60-Second Videos with Easy Lightroom Tips & Tricks

Lightroom Coffee Break playlist on YouTube will help you learn the basics in no time
Screenshot of LIghtroom Coffee Break videos
Digital Photo readers can’t seem to get enough of Lightroom tips, tricks and tutorials. Recently, we shared a story titled “Lightroom 101: 3 Post-Processing Tips to Make Your Photos Pop” and it proved be one of our most popular of last month. Now here’s another great resource: an awesome YouTube playlist with dozens of 60-second... Read more

8 Secrets for Super Sharp Wildlife Photos

Pro photographer Steve Perry shares his tips on capturing sharper animal images
Photo for sharp wildlife photo tips
Everyone wants sharper wildlife photos but not everyone knows the basics of how to capture them. In the below video tutorial, pro photographer Steve Perry shares his “eight secrets” to help you shoot sharp photos of birds and other animals every time. “Do you want sharper wildlife photos? Are you tired of deleting otherwise amazing... Read more

Albert Watson On Creating Photographs

Learn what a master photographer finds most important, from preparation to lighting and editing
Photo By Albert Watson Legendary celebrity portrait and fashion photographer Albert Watson has a new book out this month. Albert Watson: Creating Photographs is filled with amazing images, but it’s not just a monograph of pretty pictures. Instead, Watson has set his sights on helping other photographers make better photographs themselves. Filled... Read more

6 Ways to Shoot Striking Photos with Your Smartphone

Photographer Pierre T. Lambert shares tips for getting creative with your phone snaps
Photo with smartphone tricks
Want to spice up your smartphone photos? Street and travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert shares six ways below to get creative with your phone snaps so they look like they were shot with a more professional camera. In the below video tutorial, Lambert heads to several prime location in Chicago to share his smartphone photography tips. “I’m... Read more

Lightroom 101: 3 Post-Processing Tips to Make Your Photos Pop

Lightroom Ambassadors discuss how to develop a unique editing style
Photo for Lightroom tips 1
(Editor’s Note: Pei Ketron is Product Marketing Manager of Photography at Adobe.) When getting started in photography, one of the most intimidating aspects can be post-processing. We spend a lot of time on the Adobe Photography team seeking ways to make editing tools and the post-processing workflow feel less intimidating to beginners via tutorials... Read more

Fireworks Photography How-To

Four tips for improving composition and color to take your fireworks photos to the next level
When we see fireworks displays with our eyes, we register their movement and motion as large, colorful, flowerlike blooms of light. But getting what our brains see to translate into great fireworks photography requires some specialized know-how. When capturing fireworks with the camera, for instance, the blooming light requires a long exposure to register... Read more

6 Beginner Editing Mistakes to Avoid for Landscape Photos

For some beginners, shooting the images is only half the battle
Photo of landscape editing mistakers
For some beginner landscape photographers, shooting the images is only half the battle. The time spent editing the photos afterwards during post-processing can often make or break a shot. And if you’re a novice who makes the editing mistakes landscape pro Mark Denney describes in the below tutorial, there’s a good chance you’re more... Read more

Why Auto ISO Is So Amazingly Awesome

The best automatic exposure setting is Auto ISO. Change my view!
As someone who regularly pontificates about the benefits of manual exposure control, it’s not often that I sing the praises of an automatic camera setting. And sure, I use autofocus and even automatic exposure modes such as Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority regularly. But there’s one auto-exposure control I practically can’t live without:... Read more

5 Fashion Photography Tips That Never Go Out of Style

Portrait pro Dixie Dixon shares her go-to fashion advice
Photo 1 fashion photography tips
(Editor’s Note: This fashion photography how-to from professional photographer Dixie Dixon is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) In order to bring your fashion photography to the next level, it’s... Read more