How to Take Great Photos of Couples

It takes more than a nice location to capture striking photos of couples
Photo for how to photograph couples
Earlier this year, pro photographer Jerry Ghionis gave us five easy tips on how to shoot beautiful portraits of people. Now he’s back with a new tutorial on how to take great photos of couples. “Photographing couples brings a whole host of problems, different body types, shapes, issues, confidence level, etc, etc.,” Ghionis says. “I... Read more

Maximum Color With Minimal Equipment

Four tips for creating colorful shots without resorting to post-processing hacks or specialized lighting equipment
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer as most of the U.S. starts experiencing some of the best weather of the year. The hot days aren’t too hot and the cool nights aren’t too bad either. All in all, late spring and early summer are ideal times to enjoy getting outdoors with your camera. And lest you think you can’t shoot great shots... Read more

How to Dress Up Dogs for Creative Pet Photos: Tips and Tricks

When in doubt put a dog or cat in human clothing for a unique pet photo
Photo of a dressed up bulldog
(Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by photographer Steve Meltzer. You can see his work on his website and Facebook page. Read another Digital Photo story of his on how to stop people from blinking in photos here.) Mr. Checkers wouldn’t keep off of the bride’s lap. Time and time again I’d pick him up and stand him by the model’s... Read more

JPEG vs RAW: Image File Formats Explained

Which of these two types of image files is right for your photography?
(Editor’s Note: This story on JPEG vs RAW file formats is by photographer Patrick McNair. You can find out more about him on his website. He has previously written about the basics of White Balance for Digital Photo.) When you take a photo, the image is converted into a file which is stored on a digital memory card (usually an SD card) that you... Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Apple ProRAW

A look at setting up your iPhone to take advantage of Apple’s new ProRAW capabilities and a few considerations before you do
There’s an old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you. Combined with the conventional wisdom that photographers would do well to carry a camera with them at all times, you’ve got a recipe for meaningful photographs to be made via the most ubiquitous camera of all: the smartphone. Smartphones have been useful for photography almost... Read more

100 Handy Photography Tips for Beginners

Free 30-minute tutorial gives you all the basics to go out and shoot
Photo for 100 photography tips for beginners
The weekend’s almost here, so here are some great suggestions to help you go out and improve your photo skills. In the video at the bottom of this post, photographer Mike Smith shares 100 handy photo tips for beginners (or for any photographer who wants to brush up on photography fundamentals). “When I first started out, it was back in the... Read more

How to Photograph Stars: An Easy 9-Step Tutorial

Learn how to shoot astrophotography through this simple step-by-step process
Photo for night sky photography tips
With the warmer weather upon, there’s no better time to ditch the jacket, grab your camera and tripod, and head out to shoot some amazing star photography. Astrophotography, as it’s also known, can be intimidating to new photographers, which is why we’ve turned to Seattle-based photography instructor Tobias Gelston for his step-by-step... Read more

Photoshop’s Color Range Selection Tool

Making the most of this powerful selection tool
No matter what edits a photographer may plan to make during post, almost every productive image editing session starts with a good selection. Thankfully, Photoshop offers a variety of different methods for differentiating between which pixels should be included in a selection and which pixels shouldn’t. The manual tools such as the lasso, magic wand... Read more

What Is White Balance on Your Camera?

Learn the basics of how to select the right white balance setting for your photos
Photo for What Is White Balance
(Editor’s Note: This story is by photographer Patrick McNair. You can find out more about him on his website.) Amongst all the settings on your camera you’ll find one for White Balance, usually contracted to WB. This might be a button on the camera body or a menu option or both. But what does it do exactly and how does changing White Balance... Read more

Master Flash Photography with 5 Easy Tips

Flash master Joe McNally explains how to best illuminate your subject
Photo of flash photography tip 1
(Editor’s Note: This flash photography how-to from professional photographer Joe McNally is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) Flash is a bedevilment for beginners, and it can remain a mystery for even... Read more