This Must-Know Tool in Lightroom Targets Specific Areas of an Image

How to use Range Masks in Lightroom
Photo for Range Masks Lightroom
Being able to tweak specific areas of a photo without affecting the rest of the image is the key to a successful edit. For instance, if you want to darken a bright sky in a landscape photo, you don’t really want to darken the trees below it. The result would be a photo that’s too dim overall. Many photographers who are just getting their... Read more

5 Tips for Awesome Portraits with a Wide-Angle Lens

Composition is key when capturing people with a 24mm lens
Photo for wide-angle lens portrait tips 2
Shooting portraits with a wide-angle lens is tricky but it can be done and done well. In the below tutorial from portrait photographer Julia Trotti, she gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of her portrait sessions using a 24mm lens and shares five tips for getting the most out of wide-angle primes. In the video at the bottom of this post, Trotti... Read more

Lightroom’s Loupe Overlay

Take control over the positioning and alignment of image elements with the help of this powerful Lightroom design tool
As the little brother to Photoshop, Lightroom isn’t always known for the robust editing features of Adobe’s ubiquitous editing application. That said, however, Lightroom does offer tools that are uniquely its own and which in some cases do things in a simple and elegant manner that even Photoshop can’t quite match. A prime example of this is Lightroom’s... Read more

The 5 Worst Portrait Retouching Mistakes

Less is more when it comes to editing portraits
Photo of photo retouching mistakes
We all make mistakes when it comes to editing our photos, but some mistakes are worse than others. This is particularly true when it comes to retouching portraits. Retouch touch your portraits correctly and it will bring out the best in your subject and make you look like a pro. Go overboard (or awry) with your retouching in Photoshop, Lightroom or... Read more

A Better Way To Make Beautiful Bokeh

An improved process for creating the look of shallow depth of field in Photoshop
There are tradeoffs that come with every photographic decision. For instance, choosing to shoot wide open for the benefits of shallow depth of field can also make it more likely to miss focus. So instead of shooting wide open, you choose ƒ/8 to ensure sharpness but then suffer through an image with too much detail in the background. This, like many... Read more

3 Easy Ways to Edit Gorgeous Portraits in Lightroom

Shooting a portrait is only half the battle. Here's how to improve them in post
Photo for portrait editing tips
Shooting a portrait can be only half the battle. Oftentimes, photos of people need to be edited with care during post-processing to bring out the true beauty of the subject. In those cases, many photographers turn to Photoshop or Lightroom to edit their portraits. But both of Adobe’s premier photography programs are incredibly complex and if you’re... Read more

Photographing The Starry Skies Of Summer

From the Milky Way to the Perseids, summer is filled with out-of-this-world astral photography opportunities
The warm weather of the summer months in North America makes this time of year a perfect opportunity to get outside after dark to photograph the night sky. But more than just pleasant temperatures, this time of year also offers a host of interesting astral subjects to be photographed after dark. Here’s a look at three upcoming night sky events and... Read more

6 Top Tips for Shooting Epic Landscape Photos

Here's how to turn your photos from ordinary to extraordinary
Photo Mike Mezeul II tips
(Editor’s Note: This landscape photography how-to from professional photographer Mike Mezeul II is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) To turn an ordinary landscape photo into something truly epic,... Read more

Super Resolution At Last!

Quadruple the pixels in an image file and improve image quality with this new Adobe AI feature
For many years, movies and TV have put forth the absurd idea that computer geeks working for the good guys can click a button to enhance a digital image or video and reveal crucial details that nail the bad guy. It’s a linchpin of unbelievable fiction, and it’s always been too good to be true. Until now. In a recent update to Camera Raw and Lightroom,... Read more

Learn the Basics of Lightroom 2021 with this Free Tutorial

If you want to edit photos like a pro but you're still a beginner, here's a great way to start learning more
Photo of Lightroom tutorial
If you want to edit your photos like a pro but you’re still a beginner, check out this comprehensive and easy free tutorial on the basics of Lightroom 2021. Led by pro photographer David Manning, the below 25-minute video is an excellent introduction to many of key editing tools in Lightroom. “I’ve been shooting for 13 years professionally... Read more