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Generate Smiles With Photoshop’s Face-Aware Liquify Tool

A powerful solution for portrait photographers who want to make their subjects happy while helping them to look their best
Photoshop Face-Aware Liquify tool
About a year ago Adobe updated Photoshop CC to add some tremendous portrait retouching capabilities to the Liquify tool, namely, what Adobe’s designers call Face-Aware Liquify. Liquify, you may know, has always been useful for pushing and pulling and expanding and contracting and generally reshaping image elements. It’s such a powerful way to modify... Read more

5 Top Fall Photography Guides

From tips and techniques for capturing fall color to shooting autumn sports like football to gear for outdoor adventures, this guide will help you navigate the season (and beyond)
fall photography
Telluride, Colorado. Photo by Rick Sammon From tips and techniques for capturing fall color to shooting autumn sports like football to gear for outdoor adventures, this guide will help you navigate the season (and beyond). Read More → Read more

A Parent’s Perspective

Capture the authenticity of family by focusing on a child’s unique spirit
photographing children
In Between. Tweens get their title for a reason. They’re between two stages in their growing up, and it’s not an easy place to be. So much of tweenhood can be awkward, gawky, uncertain. If you can use your lens to allow for that to unfold, you’ll be able to do justice to these fleeting years in a child’s life. This shot was snapped, quite literally,... Read more

Use Fill Light Right

On the correct way to use a reflector to illuminate portraits
portait photography tips
When shooting portraits outside, one of the simplest and most popular lighting techniques is to use a reflector—either a white card, for instance, or a silver, white or gold collapsible reflector—to bounce sunlight onto the subject. This works whether the subject is in direct sunlight or shade, and whether the reflected light is used as a key light... Read more

Creative Blur Techniques

Blur isn’t always wrong. Sometimes it’s so very right!
creative blur techniques
We can all agree that sharp pictures are always the best pictures, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes blurry pictures may be preferable. For instance, if you want to convey a feeling of motion in a picture of a fast-moving subject, you might find that a bit of motion blur does the job. Or maybe you just want to add interest to an otherwise ho-hum portrait;... Read more

The Tilt-Shift Effect

Captured in-camera or generated with software, this technique can make your images jump off the page—if you use it right
tilt-shift photography
Lofoten Islands, Norway. This image of a fishing village shows the miniaturization effect using a Nikon PC-E Micro-NIKKOR 45mm ƒ/2.8D tilt-shift lens. Nikon D810 at ƒ/4, 1/30 sec., ISO 200 My first commercial assignments landed me in a kaleidoscope of interiors. From kitchen remodels to spacious hotel suites, I was hired to photograph interiors. At... Read more

12 Best Travel Photography Guides

This collection of ideas, techniques and concepts will help you bring back photos from your travels that are more than snapshots
travel photography
This collection of ideas, techniques and concepts will help you bring back photos from your travels that are more than snapshots. You’ll learn how to shoot at a grand scale of a mountain range, but also focus on the magical details right in front of you, whether you’re traveling across the globe or photographing close to home. 1. The Fine Art Of... Read more

Using Vimeo For Video Backup

More than a great place to share high-quality videos, Vimeo also can store original video files in the cloud
cloud storage
Looking for a great way to display your videos online? Vimeo is a high-quality option. Almost every video shooter understands that if you want something to look its best online, Vimeo is a tremendous option for maximum quality. Better still, Vimeo offers an unlimited amount of storage space, whether you’re subscribing to the free Basic plan or whether... Read more

50mm Vs 35mm Lenses: A Visual Guide For Portrait Photography

A visual guide to 35mm and 50mm lens use for portraits, from our friends at ThePhoblographer
With wider angle lenses becoming better and better, photographers are bound to ask the question of 50mm vs 35mm lenses and how they relate to portraiture. Our friends at ThePhoblographer produced this visual guide to the differences in these two common lens focal lengths. This content is provided by our friends at ThePhoblographer.com. Visit their... Read more

Turn The Sun Into An Outdoor Studio With One Simple Modifier

Make the sun a softbox with a translucent piece of fabric
lighting modifiers
If you’re shooting people outdoors, there’s one lighting modifier in particular that you need. In fact, there’s only one modifier that you need. It’s a silk, also called a scrim, stretched on a frame. This piece of white diffusion fabric turns the harshest sunlight into beautifully diffused, soft light. It’s the perfect key light, especially... Read more

Expand Your Vision: Getting Started Shooting Video

Evolving from photography to video production
shooting video
Photographers will recognize many parts of this high-end Canon motion camera, as it’s an evolution of the company’s video-capable still cameras. Editor’s Note: This piece first appeared in our Spring issue and reflects the products available at the time of publication. To see our equipment coverage of new gear, visit our Camera and News sections.... Read more

How To Fake Sunset Light

Use a strobe and a gel to re-create beautiful magic hour lighting
magic hour light
What’s the prettiest natural light there is? A lot of photographers would argue it’s the golden hour, that time shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset when the light is strong and warm and comes from a low angle close to the horizon. The combination of a low angle and warm glow can make almost any subject more interesting and attractive.... Read more