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Image Sharpness Revisited

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Another Tip For Image Sharpness: Know Your Limitations

Cameras can be heavy, especially when you add a longer lens to them. An obvious key to sharp images is keeping the camera still. Last month, I gave you a way to practice using a light touch on the shutter release. But if you can’t hold the camera still in the first place, a soft touch won’t help.

A properly setup tripod is the easiest way to stabilize the camera. But if you’re in a situation where a tripod can’t be used, these techniques may help make the camera steady:

• Always support your camera using
both hands.

• Keep your legs apart (that’s how a tripod offers stability). If you can, lean against a wall or other firm object.

• Slow down. Many times rushing to capture an image results in an unusable photograph. All the scurrying around for that one perfect image may lead to disappointment.

• Settle down. Take a couple of normal breaths and then gently exhale while you’re taking the picture. Some suggest that you hold your breath, but I’ve found that holding your breath creates tension in your body. That tension translates to vibration, which travels down your arms and into your hands, which, of course, are supporting the camera.

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