October 15, 2007 HelpLine

Q) On my camera, I have the option of erasing my images, formatting my memory card and doing a low-level format of my memory card. Which should I be doing?

Noah J.
Via the Internet

A) I never erase the images on my card. I always do at least a format, and if I have time and battery power, I do a low-level format. You’re storing an incredible amount of data on a small memory card. You want it to work flawlessly so it’s best to start out fresh.

Erasing your images only deletes the pointers in the memory card’s directory. The files are still there; the card (and camera) just doesn’t know it.

Formatting the card creates a new directory. Low-level formatting creates a whole new card structure. It maps out the card’s bad parts, too. Remember to format the card in the camera you’ll use and never in a computer.


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