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Q)  I saved several photos using the Photoshop .psd format all in one folder. If I want to change the format to .tiff on all the images, do I have to change them one by one, or is there a way to do the whole folder at one time? Also, when I share an image with someone using the .psd format, can it be opened if he or she doesn’t have the Photoshop program?

Pauline Alexander
Via e-mail

A)  To answer your first question, you need a feature called batch processing, which is found in many image editors. In the Adobe products, look for the Batch Processing selection under the File menu. Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro calls it Batch Conversion, and Ulead’s PhotoImpact calls it Batch Convert, but they’re all generally located under the File menu. Browser programs like ACDSee often offer this capability, too.

These batch utilities operate in much the same way. After selecting the command from the menu, a dialog box pops up asking you to select the folder or group of image files that you wish to process. Depending on the software, it might ask you for the original file type. You’ll need to select a destination folder and new file type. Also, you might be given choices depending on the file type you select. For example, if you’re converting a series of files to JPEG, you might be asked for a compression level. This setting also might be accessed by clicking on an Options button in the dialog box.

Once everything is set, you can click on the button that starts the process and walk away, letting the computer do its work. The software will go through all the files you’ve selected and convert them. Some of the editors might give you other batch-processing options, like file resizing or changing the file name. The ability to change the image to black-and-white also might be included.



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