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March/April 2004 HelpLine

A Change In Perspective

    * Correcting A Leaning Tower
    * Waiting For My Prints To Come
    * Inflating File Sizes
    * Driving Partitions
    * Keeping All Your Pixels

Correcting A Leaning Tower

Q)  A lot of my pictures have buildings that aren’t straight. Is there a way to correct this in the computer?

Glen Brown
Rockford, Illinois

A)  Most image-processing programs offer some sort of perspective control. Jasc Paint Shop Pro offers a Perspective tool in the toolbar. Adobe products include a perspective adjustment in the Transform part of the menu (Photoshop also allows you to adjust perspective using the Crop tool). Check your help menu in other programs to locate the Perspective tools.

Here’s how the Transform tool works, for example. First, your image has to be on a layer (if you don’t know layers, go to Layer > Duplicate Layer as a good starting point). The Transform tools are found either under the Edit or Image menus; go to Transform > Perspective. By enabling this menu item, you’re given control points or handles on the edges of your image (they look like tiny round circles).



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