June 18, 2007 HelpLine

Q) Since I’ve been using my digital SLR, I’m getting more and more worried about dust. I’ve noticed some of the newer cameras have some sort of dust-removal feature. I’m not able to get one of the newer cameras right now. What’s the best way to avoid getting dust in the camera?
K.D., Via the Internet

A) While there are some internal components that can create dust in your camera, most dust comes from exterior sources. One way to minimize dust is to pay attention when changing lenses.

First, avoid changing lenses when in dusty environments. Avoid changing lenses when the wind is blowing. If you have to change lenses when the wind is blowing, try to block the wind with your body.

Second, develop good habits when changing lenses. Power-off the camera before you remove a lens (or before you open any part of the camera, for that matter). Make sure everything is ready so you can change the lens quickly. Point the camera downward when changing lenses so that you can use gravity to your advantage.

Third, always protect your lens and camera by using a camera body cap if no lens is attached, and use lens caps on both ends of lenses when not in use.

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