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January/February 2004 HelpLine

The Old-Fashioned Slideshow…Via DVD

    * DVD Slideshows
    * Lossy Vs. Lossless
    * Image-Organizing Software

DVD Slideshows

Q)  I love to travel around North America; I have many prints and slides. What I’ve wanted to do for a long time is create photo slideshows from my negatives and slides, then show them on my large-screen, high-resolution TV set. The only software I could find offered low-res television shows on VideoCDs. I love the concept, but the quality is missing. What I really want are two things: the ability to record to DVD and the ability to record in high resolution. It seems the ideal way to share my travels with others.

Jerry Plisic
Via e-mail

A)  A lot of photographers are asking for the same thing. They’re looking for the replacement for the ubiquitous 35mm slide projector.

For years, photographers have been frustrated while waiting for the technology to catch up with their needs. Now, finally, there are affordable products to help you display a decent image without gathering your family and friends around your computer screen.

First, let me address what you’ve been doing so far. The only way to display an image on your TV was to connect your digital camera directly to the video input of your set (provided your digital camera had a video out). While this worked, it was cumbersome because it took time to switch between images and you had to edit your images in the camera.



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