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December 2004 HelpLine

Cold Weather And Digital Cameras

    * Winter Wondering
    * Changing Backgrounds
    * Cropping Problems?
    * Resampling For Size

Winter Wondering

Q)  I live in Florida, but will be traveling to Yellowstone to snowmobile in January and I don’t know how my digital camera will react to the cold weather. What should I know, as I don’t want to lose any photos of this special trip?

Beth Holder
Via e-mail

A)  Last year, I spent a couple of days with a digital camera on a dog-sledding trip in northern Minnesota, so I can speak from experience about shooting in cold weather. Aside from the usual warnings about keeping your camera away from moisture and dirt when shooting outdoors, there’s an additional concern with cold weather.

One word: power.

While your snowmobile may have plenty of power to get through the trip, digital cameras need a little more thought. The big enemy of batteries is temperature. They don’t like heat and they particularly don’t do well in cold temperatures.

Your batteries may last only a quarter of the time they usually work. It could be less or it could be more-in either case, I’d make certain that you have enough batteries between recharges.


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