Explore The Art Of iPhoneography

Hipstamatic (www.hipstamaticapp.com) mimics the unique style of vintage prints characterized by vignettes, blurring, textured edges and oversaturated colors created with the original analog plastic camera. Using a square-format viewfinder, the app let’s you switch "lenses", flash and "film" with the swipe of a finger. I often shoot with Hipstamatic because I like composing images in the square-format viewfinder and I like the creative constraint of choosing the "film" and "lens" before I shoot.

Adobe Photoshop Express (www.mobile.photoshop.com) offers simple editing tools to refine images shot with the native camera or any other app on your iPhone. While this app isn’t the best choice if you want to apply quick creative filters to change the look and feel of your image, it’s ideal for specific image- editing needs, such as cropping, straightening or flipping your composition, making manual adjustments for exposure, color saturation and contrast, or adding basic borders on your images.

3. Share Your View And Join The Community

True creative inspiration comes from within, but it’s often sparked by our visual experiences and fostered by an engaging community of creative souls. I first found my inspiration around iPhoneography through a burgeoning community of iPhoneographers on Twitter nearly two years ago. Here are two simple ways to establish your iPhoneography presence online and connect with the growing community of inspired individuals who have discovered the art of iPhoneography.

Create An Online Photo Journal Using Posterous Or Tumblr.
Present and share your iPhoneography in an online space unique to you by setting up a simple online photo journal (or visual blog) using a free hosted-solution provider such as Posterous (www.posterous.com) or Tumblr (www.tumblr.com). With either solution, you quickly can publish an iPhone image by emailing it to your account or uploading it using the app on your iPhone. You even can set your online journal to auto-publish your images to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Create An Instagram Presence. Instagram (instagram) is a rapidly growing social network of iPhoneographers sharing images in real time. The Instagram app displays a chronological feed of photographs shared by users you choose to follow. You can use Instagram to shoot an image (or choose an image from your photo library), apply an image filter (or not) and quickly share the image with your followers. Instagram also can automate image sharing to your online journal, or your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

SHUTTER SISTERS is a collaborative photo blog (www.shuttersisters.com) and a thriving community of women, passionate about photography. Photographer and writer Stephanie C. Roberts is a partner in and contributor to Shutter Sisters, and the author of The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity (April 2011), www.artofiphoneogra

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