5 Amazing Long Exposure Photography Tricks

Capture incredible long exposure images with these easy tips
Photo of long exposure photography trick
Photographer Kyle Nutt is up to his tricks again in the below video where he shares five ways ways to shoot head-turning long exposure photos. As with his smartphone photography tricks video we shared recently, Nutt’s below tutorial doesn’t involve any talking, just clear demonstrations of how to perform the long exposure tricks so you can... Read more

How To Use A Color Chart

Color checkers are useful for photographers in more ways than one
Professional photographers rely on color charts to ensure color accuracy in even the most difficult lighting situations. Color charts not only provide for a more accurate white balance but they also help when it comes to fine-tuning other colors in a scene—from skin tones to flowers, foliage and more. And color charts aren’t a digital-specific invention.... Read more

This Photoshop Tool Can Erase People in Seconds

Content-Aware Fill zaps objects in an image and produces a clean background
photo of content-aware fill
If you’ve just started using Photoshop and haven’t yet tried Content-Aware Fill, you’re in for an editing treat. One of the most popular tools for removing people and objects in an image while maintaining a cleanly blended background so your edited photo looks natural, Content-Aware Fill is popular with Photoshop beginners and pros... Read more

How To Determine A Digital Camera’s Shutter Count

Shutter actuations are like mileage on a car—but without an odometer they’re impossible to read
Just like moving parts on automobiles wear out with use and time, the moving parts on cameras do too. And much as automobile usage is measured via total miles traveled, camera usage is measured by total frames exposed. More expensive, professional camera models are typically built to withstand a greater number of shutter actuations (well upwards of... Read more

How to Make Anyone Look Taller in Photos

4 ways to elongate the body during portrait shoots
Photo of how to look taller in photos
It’s one of the more common requests by people who are about to be photographed: “Can you make me look taller in this photo?” Fortunately, because photographers have heard this question time and again from their subjects – alongside “Can you make me look slimmer?” “Can you get rid of my double chin?” etc.... Read more

5 Fun Smartphone Photography Tricks to Try in 2022

Shoot eye-catching images with your mobile device with these easy tips
Photo of smartphone photography tricks
Here’s a fun, fast and clever way to capture eye-catching photos with your smartphone or other mobile device in 2022. Kyle Nutt, who is a master of simple smartphone photography tips, shared the below tutorial with his “top five mobile photography tricks in 2022.” As usual with Nutt’s smartphone photography how-tos, the short... Read more

Striving For Perfection In Photography

Do lots of little things well in order to make great photos
With a new year come new plans, new goals and even new resolutions. While it isn’t particularly reasonable to plan to be perfect in the year ahead, it does make sense to think about ways one might try to achieve a more perfect photograph. After all, perfection in photography isn’t just one thing, it’s the culmination of lots of little things done... Read more

6 Tasty Tips for Capturing Delicious Food Photos

Photographer Joanie Simon on how to shoot drool-worthy images of food
Photo of a steak
Editor’s Note: This food photography how-to from professional photographer Joanie Simon is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer. #1 Use Light for the Textures While we all love directional lighting, food... Read more

Harmonization Neural Filter

A new Photoshop filter makes it easier than ever to blend images together
Photoshop has long been the industry standard for compositing images to make a single cohesive shot. A typical example, for instance, might be taking a portrait photographed against a studio backdrop and compositing it with a background image photographed elsewhere—an outdoor shot of a sky at dusk, for instance. For as long as compositing has been... Read more

What’s That Black Bar Across Your Flash Photos?

Fixing the dreaded black bar that appears when trying to synchronize strobes with the right shutter speeds
When photographers are learning to work with flash, be it an off-camera studio strobe or an on-camera flash, they inevitably run into trouble. The biggest culprit is a mysterious black bar or stripe that appears across the frame, which only happens with flash. What on earth could be causing that black bar across your flash photos? The answer lies in... Read more