5 Key Mistakes Beginner Photographers Should Avoid

Simple photography advice that bears repeating
Photo of a girl with a camera
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: there’s no shame in making a few mistakes as a beginner photographer if can you find a way to learn from them. That’s the message in the below tutorial from landscape photographer and Photoshop expert Serge Ramelli who explains five mistakes he sees beginner photographers consistently... Read more

How To Make A Portable V-Flat

With nothing more than foam board and gaff tape, photographers can make one of the most versatile studio lighting accessories that’s useful for location shoots as well
Studio photographers use portable V-flats for all sorts of things, from reflectors to flags, portrait backgrounds to negative fill. A typical V-flat is simply made by adhering two large 4×8-foot sheets of foam core together along a hinged edge so that when they open up they create a V shape when viewed end on. The most versatile V-flats are white... Read more

Protecting Camera Lenses

Keep your good glass safe from damage due to dust, drops and moisture
High-quality optics are essential for sharp photos. That’s why we photographers are willing to shell out significant funds to purchase lenses that are faster, sharper and all-around better than the standard kit lenses that usually come with cameras. But once we’ve begun investing in expensive, quality glass, we have a new concern: keeping it safe... Read more

6 Tips for Great Family Photo Portraits During the Holidays

Photographer Tamara Lackey shares advice on photographing loved ones
Photo of a family portrait
Editor’s Note: This family portrait photography how-to from professional photographer Tamara Lackey is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer. The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s the perfect... Read more

Selling Photographic Prints

Whether you fancy yourself a fine artist or are simply looking to get your work into the hands of friends and family, here’s a primer about printing and finishing photographs for sale
Many young photographers are seeking advice when it comes to selling photographic prints. It’s not just that they’re wondering where to sell them, but also what are the expectations when it comes to the physical object? By what method should a photo be printed? Should it be matted or framed? How much should it cost? To that end, here’s a look... Read more

Don’t Make This Beginner Photography Mistake

Avoid this error to make your landscape photos look more professional
Photo of landscape photography mistakes
Everyone’s entitled to make a few mistakes when they’re just starting out in photography. But if you’ve been shooting photos for a while now and are still committing some basic errors, it can make you look like a perpetual beginner. And that’s not a good look if you want to be taken seriously as a photographer. Landscape photography... Read more

Bridge Or Lightroom: Which One Should I Use?

These two Adobe digital imaging applications are both incredibly useful, but their characteristics largely overlap. Which one is right for you?
I recently had a discussion with a photographer who bristled when I neglected to consider Adobe Bridge in a discussion about useful digital imaging tools. For each point I made about Adobe Lightroom, the photographer countered with a reason why Bridge was just as good if not better. It served as a reminder for me that while Adobe certainly emphasizes... Read more

How to Easily Remove a Fence with Photoshop

Don't hop over the fence. Zap it in Photoshop instead!
Photo of a fence removed in Photoshop
Here’s a common problem you might encounter when trying to photograph animals at a zoo or enclosure: an ugly fence is blocking your shot. But rather than hop over the fence and put you and/or the animal at risk, you can remove it during post-processing if you know a few tricks. In the below tutorial, software expert Anthony Morganti shows you... Read more

The Best Photoshop Tools for Removing Objects in Images

How to use Content-Aware Fill, the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp Tool
Photo of Photoshop tools
One of the most “magical” things about Photoshop is how it lets you easily remove unwanted objects and other distractions from your images with just a few clicks. There are, however, several handy tools in Photoshop that can zap annoying logos on clothing or erase ugly telephone wires in no time. In the below tutorial, Aaron Nace from Phlearn... Read more

A Photoshop Tip For Luminous Skin

Make faces look radiant with red-channel retouching
There are as many ways to retouch a portrait as there are faces to be photographed—or so it may seem. But I find myself returning to a handful of techniques over and over again. One of them, in particular, is designed not so much for removing imperfections as it is for imparting a hint of glow—helping achieve the ever-popular look of radiant skin.... Read more