New Gear: January/February 2016

Constructed from peach-wax cotton canvas and leather, Tenba’s Cooper camera bag line elevates canvas to a whole other level.

TENBA COOPER COLLECTION Constructed from peach-wax cotton canvas and leather, Tenba’s Cooper camera bag line elevates canvas to a whole other level. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, but still rugged, and leather trim and accents add to its conservative good looks. Available in gray and in four sizes, the smallest, the Cooper 8, is designed to... Read more

Editors’ Choice Awards

Our favorite gear, tools and tech from 2015

This has been a phenomenal year for photography, with a seeming end to a global recession and a wave of new photographers entering the market, thanks to the popularity of social media. There are more energized, passionate photographers now than there ever have been. While we haven’t seen the statistics validated, the Internet often cites a statistic... Read more

Lenses For Portraiture

Considerations when choosing a lens for flattering photos of people

Though there’s no "perfect" lens for portraiture, it’s generally agreed that a moderate telephoto in the range of 85mm to 135mm (35mm equivalent) is a reliably good choice. For tight headshots, an even stronger telephoto in the 200mm or even 300mm range may be a better choice. A lot depends on the space in which you have to work,... Read more

New Gear: December 2015

Check out the new photography gear and accessories making headlines

CANON 120 MP DSLR AND CINEMA EOS SYSTEM 8K CAMERA Canon has announced the development of two new impressive cameras, a 120-megapixel DSLR and the Cinema EOS System 8K camera. The Cinema EOS 8K enables input and output for 8K video content, plus 8K to 4K down-conversion and 4K cropping. The camera is being developed with a Super 35mm-equivalent... Read more

The One-Light Portrait

Simple and elegant, less can be very much more

Over the course of a 40-year career, Annie Leibovitz created some of the most iconic and unique editorial portraiture, recognized all over the world. Being a self-taught photographer, I looked to her work time and time again for inspiration and motivation. I scoured the Internet for information on her lighting setups, equipment and methodology, but... Read more

Optics For Macro

Three ways to get closer to your subject

Want to try exploring the miniature worlds accessible through close-up photography? There are options for every budget, from premium lenses specially designed for macro work, to relatively inexpensive extension tubes and close-up lenses, or "diopters", that resemble optical filters and attach to the front of your lens. Here are the basics... Read more

Underwater Housings

A range of options for keeping your gear dry

Underwater photography opens up a whole new world of photo opportunities, but requires some means of protecting your camera from the water. There are compact cameras that are designed to be used underwater, and for casual shooting or just trying it out, these are excellent, but they have small sensors and are limited in how deep they can go. Several... Read more

New Gear: September/October 2015

Check out the new photography gear and accessories making headlines

THREE NEW NIKKOR LENSES Nikon has introduced three new lenses, all featuring Nikon’s electromagnetic diaphragm for consistent exposures during high-speed shooting. For DX (APS-C) Nikon DSLR users, there’s the AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm ƒ/2.8-4E ED VR (equivalent in field of view to 24-120mm on a full-frame camera), which provides focal lengths... Read more

Pro Light With Flash Modifiers

Use these key accessories to refine the output of your portable speedlights

Modern on-camera flashes are so powerful that many photographers are looking at them as a primary light source, and not just for events. Many of the advanced capabilities that used to be reserved for much more sophisticated and expensive lighting systems are now found in speedlights. Like traditional studio lighting, adding any of several light-modification... Read more

New Gear: July/August 2015

To ensure the colors in your print are the same as what you viewed on your monitor while processing your digital image, it’s important to calibrate your monitor.

dp0 QUATTRO Sigma‘s dp0 Quattro is the fourth model in the compact Quattro series, and features the widest angle yet available in a Quattro model: a 14mm ƒ/4 (21mm 35mm equivalent). The dp0 Quattro is built on an updated Foveon Quattro sensor that, like previous Foveon sensors, uses green-, red- and blue-sensitive layers, resulting in highly... Read more