September/October 2011


Calibrate your iPad using the SpyderGallery app from Datacolor. Setup is fairly straightforward. Just download the app, use the Spyder3 colorimeter to measure output and a custom color profile is created for your iPad. The app has a built-in gallery viewer designed to showcase fully color-corrected images. Looking at photos through the color-managed viewer delivers more accurate colors and provides you with a closer match to desktop monitors and other color-managed displays. Other features include pixel-level zooming capabilities and personal photo watermarking. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $89 (Spyder3); Free (app). Contact: Datacolor, (609) 924-2189,


Share memories of your last travel adventure by making glossy, vibrant prints of your photos using the 13-inch Epson Stylus Photo R2000. The UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 eight-color pigment ink system includes bold red and orange inks, and auto-selects between Photo and Matte Black inks to produce the best results possible on glossy, matte or fine-art media. The printer uses high-capacity ink cartridges that provide up to 50% more ink than the previous model. You can make prints using heavy stationery stock and metallics, as well as photographic and fine-art papers. The R2000 offers Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi and USB 2.0 connectivity. Estimated Street Price: $499. Contact: Epson, (800) GO-EPSON,


Transfer large image files quickly from a memory card to your computer with the Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader. Just like its predecessor, the new model reads CompactFlash and Secure Digital memory cards, but has been upgraded to include the SDXC format, which provides for larger capacities and the higher-speed interface of SD UHS-I. With computers that support USB 3.0, transfer times are noticeably faster. The reader can transfer images from SD and CF cards simultaneously, and it allows for easy file transfer from one card to another. It has the same pop-up design as its predecessor, letting you close it when not in use. Estimated Street Price: $49. Contact: Lexar, (800) 789-9418,


Head off to your next photo workshop or trip with the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm ƒ/1.8G in your camera bag. The 50mm prime is a must-have for photographers, and this updated model offers tack-sharp image quality, solid low-light performance and shallow depth of field. Whether you’re doing travel, landscape, portraiture or low-light photography, this is an ideal lens to use. It focuses as close as 1.48 feet, uses Nikon’s Silent Wave Motor for fast, quiet autofocus operation and is optimized for FX-format (full-frame) cameras, but also works well with DX-format (APS-C) cameras. Estimated Street Price: $219. Contact: Nikon, (800) NIKON-US,


Control the light emitted from the pop-up flash on a Micro Four Thirds camera with the Gary Fong Micro Four Thirds Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffuser. Designed to mitigate harsh, directional lighting that can mess up an image, the unit attaches to the camera hot-shoe and hangs in front of the flash. The Puffer’s compact size makes it easy to bring on a trip, and it’s versatile enough for use when capturing landscapes, group shots or any scene that requires fill-flash. It doesn’t interfere with in-camera systems so your camera’s full capabilities are preserved. Estimated Street Price: $21. Contact: Gary Fong, (800) 906-6447,


Take your next wildlife or sports-action shot with a lens that combines length and speed. The Sigma 120-300mm ƒ/2.8 EX DG OS APO HSM has two new "F" Low Dispersion (FLD) glass elements, as well as a single SLD glass element, that improve overall image quality by reducing chromatic aberrations. With Optical Stabilization, which allows you to use shutter speeds about four stops slower than would be possible otherwise, you can take sharp shots handheld. The splashproof design incorporates O-ring sealing connections to prevent dust and water from getting inside the camera body. List Price: $4,700. Contact: Sigma, (800) 896-6858,


Pack up your camera, iPad and gadgets using the Tamrac Zuma series. The lineup features three models with each bag holding an iPad or a 10-inch-screen Netbook, the Tamrac ZipShot Mini Tripod and other accessories. The Zuma 2 holds a compact digital camera, and the Zuma 4 and Zuma 7 hold a DSLR and extra lenses. Each bag has plenty of pockets for organizing gadgets, such as a wireless keyboard, a smartphone, chargers, memory cards, batteries and more. A slim day bag, a compact shoulder bag and a fast-access backpack are offered. List Price: $59 (Zuma 2); $124 (Zuma 4); $159 (Zuma 7). Contact: Tamrac, (800) 662-0717,


Stick the Kenko Zéta EX circular polarizer on your lens and you’ll hardly feel a difference, as the filter weighs just 0.3 ounces, yet delivers about a half stop more light than standard circular polarizers. The filter transmits 25% more light through the polarizing film and features ZR (Zero Reflection) Super Multi Coating so there’s no interference with any color or light transmission. Weight is kept to a minimum because of a thin frame and four-layer glass element that’s just 0.8mm thick. Light can enter the filter from any angle, eliminating reflections. Nano Glass Technology delivers stain- and scratch-resistance. The filter is compatible with wide-angle lenses and has a front screw-on function for attaching a lens cap. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Kenko (THK Photo), (800) 421-1141,


Turn your travel photography into a book worthy of display at a bookstore using the Blurb ProLine. At your disposal are two heavy, professional-grade papers from art media manufacturer Mohawk Fine Papers, linen hardcovers in Oatmeal and Charcoal, plus a choice of five heavyweight end sheets in charcoal gray, dove gray, warm gray, black an
d white. You can pick and choose for combining different options. The papers consist of two finishes: Pearl Photo and Uncoated. Pearl Photo has a luster semigloss surface that emulates real photographic papers. Uncoated is Mohawk’s Superfine Ultra white with an Eggshell finish. Estimated Street Price: $63 (hardcover, dust jacket, with ProLine Linen and 81-120 pages). Contact: Blurb,

Photo Sport Sling 100 AW


Stay nimble when you’re on the move by transporting your gear using the Lowepro Photo Sport AW Series. Designed for the most active shooters, the Photo Sport 200 AW backpack and Photo Sport Sling 100 AW are dual-compartment packs that can handle a modest camera system. The main compartment holds a DSLR with an attached lens and a flash unit. For fast access, the lower compartment features Lowepro’s Ultra-Cinch Camera Chamber, which holds gear tightly in place while you’re in transit. Rotate the pack to your front and grab the camera quickly using the side pocket. Estimated Street Price: $199 (200 AW); $129 (100 AW). Contact: Lowepro, (800) 800-LOWE,


Boost your light output with the Sony HVL-F43AM, which is designed for the company’s Alpha DSLRs. The compact external flash unit features Quick Shift Bounce adjustment, wireless ratio control, and is resistant to dust and moisture. The Quick Shift system allows for instant flash head positioning when you switch between horizontal and vertical compositions. Other new Alpha accessories include the VCT-55LH bracket for mounting a microphone, the ALC-SH111 lens hood for the 35mm and 85mm SAM lenses, and the LCS-AMB soft carrying case, which holds most Sony DSLRs with an attached standard zoom. Estimated Street Price: $350 (flash); $50 (bracket); $50 (case); $20 (hood). Contact: Sony, (877) 865-7669,

LCS-AMB Soft Carrying Case


Open up a single image file, add multiple layers and blend them together using Perfect Layers from onOne Software. The application is designed specifically for Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture users who can’t do this in those programs or create single composites from multiple images. With Perfect Layers, you can take a single image, duplicate it and then change how the layers interact with each other using different blending modes. There’s also a MaskingBrush and MaskingBug for revealing or hiding selected areas of a layer. onOne Software worked closely with Scott Kelby, who’s the editor in chief of Photoshop User magazine, to develop the program. Estimated Street Price: $69. Contact: onOne Software, (888) 968-1468,


Mount an external monitor on your camera using the Flashpoint 7-inch Adjustable Double Arm (FPAA7). This double-jointed articulating arm is an ideal support solution when you’re recording video on an HD DSLR and using a larger external monitor because the camera LCD screen is too small. Both the top and bottom of the arm have ballheads, and it mounts on the camera shoe with single knob control. Estimated Street Price: $53. Contact: Flashpoint, (800) 223-2500,


Support your HD DSLR with one of the Universal Bundles from Redrock Micro. With multiple configurations available, the idea is that each setup is built around one of Redrock’s popular product lineups—nano, handheld, shouldermount and studio—plus two "master" bundles that build multiple rigs across these lineups. The Complete Universal Bundle allows you to build every rig that Redrock has for HD DSLRs. The rigs also can be adapted for use with the latest video cameras. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $1,276 (varies based on configuration). Contact: Redrock Micro, (888) 214-3903,


Shoot your HD DSLR at a fast aperture under bright conditions using one of the Tiffen HV Filter Kits. Tiffen and Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut partnered up to create a line of filters designed specifically for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and other HD video DSLRs. The kits come in four different configurations and include a range of neutral-density filters in varying strengths, a WW Ultra Circular Polarizer (depending on the kit) and a belt loop-style pouch for keeping them all organized and accessible. Two sizes are available: 77mm and 4×5.65. The filters are engineered to provide up to 7 stops in order to shoot wide open under bright sun at ƒ/2. Estimated Street Price: $969 (Pro Plus 4×5.65); $329 (Indie HV Kit 77mm). Contact: Tiffen, (631) 273-2500,

Hard Copy

Focus on Composing Photos by Peter Ensenberger (Focal Press, 2011; ISBN: 9780240815053). The award-winning Arizona photojournalist and freelance photographer breaks down concepts such as the rule of thirds and demonstrates how to capture highlights and shadows using full color images. Tip boxes throughout the book highlight essential information, and each chapter contains an easy-to-follow assignment.

Science for the Curious Photographer by Charles S. Johnson, Jr. (A K Peters Ltd, 2010; ISBN: 978-1-56881-581-7). Weaving together the many facets of photography, Johnson makes the science that photography is based on easy to understand with a variety of examples and images. Topics such as what limits resolution, noise in images and the level of detail that can be appreciated by an observer are all explored.

Profitable Wedding Photography by Elizabeth Etienne (Allworth Press, 2011; ISBN: 978-1-58115-764-2). For any photographer looking to start a wedding business, this one-stop resource offers tons of useful information. Learn how to shoot a wedding, deal with clients, price your services and market yourself effectively. Etienne draws from her 23 years of experience in the industr
y to offer readers practical advice.

Focus on Photographing People by Haje Jan Kamps (Focal Press, 2011; ISBN: 978-0-240-81469-8). Follow this highly visual guide for instruction on taking better portraits. With step-by-step guidance, tips and project assignments, the book delivers the basics on composition, lighting, posing, street photography and postproduction techniques.

How to Cheat in Photoshop CS5: The art of creating realistic photomontages by Steve Caplin (Focal Press, 2010; ISBN: 978-0-240-52204-3). Learn how to artistically manipulate images using this handy reference book, which also includes a DVD containing imagery used in the examples and more than 21?2 hours of video tutorials.

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