New Gear: May/June 2014


For photographers who want more flexibility with less gear, Tamron has announced the "All-In-One" 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD macro lens, providing an 18.8x zoom ratio for DSLRs with an APS-C-sized sensor. Tamron has adopted a new design approach to make the lens particularly compact, using UXR glass, a 5-lens-group zoom design and precise mechanical engineering. The lens includes macro capabilities across the entire zoom range with a 15.3-inch focus distance and 1:2.9 magnification ratio. The Piezo Drive (PZD) ensures quick and quiet AF capabilities, and the Vibration Compensation (VC) enables handheld shooting at long focal lengths. List Price: TBA. Contact: Tamron,


Wherever you’re shooting, it’s important to maintain dirt-, dust- and fingerprint-free gear. The pocket-sized appleJuce 2ml Key Chain Pump can clean your lenses, tablet and smartphone screens. The spray pump and 2×2-inch microfiber cloth are fastened together by a metal ring, which can be attached to a keychain or camera bag. List Price: $3. Contact: Tether Tools,


For photographers who crave an innovative camera strap alternative, the CapturePRO Camera Clip by Peak Design provides a versatile and secure solution. The aluminum CapturePRO clamp attaches to your backpack, belt or bag. Using a choice of plates for slim-body cameras or with Arca- and Manfrotto-compatibility and D-ring connection, your camera slips into the clamp and locks with a one-hand quick-release system. The clip can also be used as a GoPro mount for capturing point-of-view footage. List Price: $79. Contact: Peak Design, Ltd.,


For full flash power packed in a small and simple design, Nissin has introduced the new i40. The travel-sized strobe measures 3.5 inches high and weighs less than 8 ounces. With only two selector dials, one for function and one for power, it’s easy to use at any skill level. Functions include wireless TTL and two optical slave modes, as well as a video light mode with 9 steps of adjustment and high-speed sync up to 1?8000 sec. The i40 has a 180° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt, and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Estimated Street Price: $269. Contact: Nissin,


Made of soft, yet durable and waterproof sailcloth with an abrasion- and moisture-resistant Hypatex bottom, the Tamrac Apache 4 is a lightweight messenger bag with a main compartment that holds a DSLR with a 4½-inch attached lens, one to two additional lenses and flash. A foam-padded compartment keeps your tablet safe and a zippered front pocket holds cables, batteries, a hard drive and other accessories. The Apache 4 also features a Piggy-Back Pocket to fit over a roller-bag handle and expanding side pockets for your cell phone or water bottle. The Silent Closure System silences Velcro®, when needed. Estimated Street Price: $99. Contact: Tamrac,


For 20 years, LensPen has been creating unique products to make sure your photo lenses are clear of any distracting smears, smudges and fingerprints. Carbon is often used for this chore, and while it gets the job done, it’s messy to work with, sometimes leaving black smudges on your fingertips or on plastic cases. This year, LensPen has created the new Invisible Carbon compound for the LensPen Elite line, which cleans surfaces, yet doesn’t leave any black residue, even if you touch the cleaning pad surface. LensPen has expanded this specialized technology with several applicators: five photo cleaners, ScreenKlean for tablets and SmartKlear for smartphones. List Price: $8-$14 (photo cleaners); $19 (ScreenKlean); $9 (SmartKlear). Contact: LensPen,


Monolights are a great option for photographers who want to work with portable, yet powerful off-camera lighting. The aluminum-housing Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Flash units come in 120ws, 160ws and 300ws options. AC-powered, the units take 0.5 to 2 seconds for recycling time and provide an audio and LED alert when they’re ready for the next flash. Additional features include a preflash test button, optical slave/master setting with LED indicator, SA fuse-protected circuit and replaceable flash tube. Each unit is also available as a kit, with a 40-inch white/black umbrella from Glow by Flashpoint and a 6-foot Flashpoint 3-section light stand. List Price: $49/$89 (Budget Studio Monolight Flash 120/Kit); $69/$109 (Budget Studio Monolight Flash 160/Kit); $99/$139 (Budget Studio Monolight Flash 300/Kit). Contact: Adorama,


Fujifilm continues to expand its X-series lens lineup for interchangeable-system cameras with the ultrawide 2.4x XF10-24mm F4 R OIS lens. The 15-36mm equivalent range is optimal for grand landscapes. Fujifilm has designed a new optical system with four high-precision aspherical lenses and three extra-low dispersion glass lenses to match the performance of Fujifilm X-Trans sensors. The lens also features a new coating on the reverse side of the lens, going one step further to reduce ghosting and flare. With a seven-blade aperture diaphragm, the lens has a 24cm minimum macro working distance. List Price: $999. Contact: Fujifilm,


For photographers just getting familiar with flash modifiers, LumiQuest has put together a Starter Kit perfect for taking on location. The kit includes three pieces: the Pocket Bouncer redirects light at a 90° angle to create large, soft light; the Fxtra modifier holds flash gels of various colors for special effects and color balance; and the UltraStrap is a nonadhesive mounting strap. All pieces fit in a small envelope for storage and travel. List Price: $40. Contact: LumiQuest,


While providing the same previous locking Bowens-compatible adapter for softboxes and lighting accessories, the Phottix HS Speed Mount II also offers new flash mounting methods. The flash now may be mounted horizontally to relieve the pressure from the flash hot-shoe by using a mounting platform and strap or vertically using a reversible L-bracket. The HS Speed Mount II is designed to complement the Phottix Varos BG Umbrella Swivel and also may be used with other umbrella adapters using a 5?8" lug. A carrying bag is included. Estimated Street Price: $59. Contact: Phottix (OmegaBrandess),


The Westcott Speedlight ProGrip is designed to mount speedlights and radio triggers in a handheld grip. The ProGrip is equipped with an umbrella mount, tension knobs and a specific angular mount that ensures light is directed toward the center of the modifier for accurate and efficient output. It’s compatible with most speedlights and modifiers, including the Westcott PocketBox, Apollo softboxes, umbrellas and more. List Price: $39. Contact: F. J. Westcott Co.,


The Benro Travel Angel II Triple Transfunctional Tripod Kit provides a compact tripod that converts to a full-sized monopod and walking stick with a fine-grain wooden knob, compass and handstrap. The legs spread independently at 3-stop intervals for achieving different heights and maneuvering rough terrain and tight spaces. The twist leg locks are dust- and water-resistant. The kit includes a ballhead and quick-release plate and uses a ¼"-20 head mount thread. It’s available in three models: the A1692TB0 has a 17.6-pound max load and 61.61-inch max height; the C1682TV1 has a 30.8-pound max load and 62.99-inch max height; and the C2682TV2 has a 39.61-pound max load and 65.16-inch max height. List Price: $229 (A1692TB0); $419 (C1682TV1); $459 (C2682TV2). Contact: Benro,


Totally Rad! Inc. has created Replichrome, a group of Lightroom and Photoshop presets for digital shooters who still relish the look of particular traditional film stocks. The company collected 13 popular film stocks, including Fuji 400H, Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak TRI-X, and shot in every lighting condition and with every camera possible. Then using Noritsu and Frontier scanners, the team created 134 total workflow presets. Each preset gives you additional control over tone, color, grain and density. List Price: $99. Contact: Totally Rad! Inc.,


The ClearWhite white-balance system is designed to simplify your workflow and help achieve clean and accurate colors in all lighting situations. The system includes a durable neutral-gray card and white-balance filter on a neck strap with a soft fabric bag. The durable gray card has a texture-free surface to provide spot checking of your sensor. Available in a 4"x4" size for lenses up to a 95mm diameter or a 5"x5" size for lenses larger than 95mm in diameter. List Price: $59 (4"x4"); $89 (5"x5"). Contact: ClearWhite White Balance System,


The aluminum and stainless-steel Acratech Video Ballhead provides a sturdy all-in-one tool for making fluid video movements while also creating still photos with precise measurements. Fluid damping maintains smooth pans and tilts, and you can fully adjust the ball tension control for your needs. The oil-less and greaseless ball doesn’t attract dirt, and the open frame allows quick and easy cleaning. The video handle is removable, and a 15mm bull’s-eye level and laser-engraved, dual-degree markings allow for use as a panoramic head or with a long telephoto lens. Compatible with Arca-Swiss quick-release plates, the head fits standard 1?4"-20 and 3?8"-16 tripods. Estimated Street Price: $599. Contact: Acratech,


Portrait photographers looking to reduce postprocessing time should take a look at Tiffen‘s new set of Diffusion Effects Filters, including Pearlescent, Satin and Black Satin in ring sizes 40.5mm-82mm. The Pearlescent filter softens contrast and reduces blemishes while muting colors for a more pastel palette and providing atmospheric "halo" effects around highlights. The Satin and Black Satin filters soften sharpness while subtly reducing contrast for smoothing blemishes, wrinkles and other textured surfaces. They create a warmer, grainier feel, produce a mild glow to highlights and soften hard details. The Pearlescent filter is available in ½, 1 and 2 densities; the Satin and Black Satin filters are available in 1, 2 and 3 densities. List Price: Varies by ring size. Contact: Tiffen,


PicTapGo is a filter-blending app with 55 unique individual filters. Combine these filters in different strengths to create your own personalized recipes and save them in the My Style tab for quick use later. Then easily share your photo directly to your favorite social-media app or save it to your Photo Library. List Price: $1.99. Contact: Totally Rad! Inc.,

The Slow Shutter Cam app gives you control over the shutter speed of your iOS device, letting you take creative photos when you’re on the go. In automatic mode, you choose the shutter speed with automatic exposure, perfect for waterfalls, ghost effects and blurred movements. Manual mode gives you full control of the sensitivity and shutter speed. Light Trail Mode is designed for capturing fireworks or car light trails. Additional features include a self-timer and exposure lock from shot to shot. List Price: $0.99. Contact: Cogitap,

Sometimes one image just doesn’t tell the entire story, but 6 separate posts feels like you’re spamming your friends. The free Momentage app conquers this conundrum by approaching posts as an opportunity to tell a full story through multiple photos, video and SoundImages. Each Moment, or post, gives you the option of posting up to 15 photos, 2 videos of up to 20 seconds, and a SoundImages with sound over the photo of up to 30 seconds. You can edit within the app and choose the order to best tell your story, then share with the Momentage community, as well as your other social-media networks. Contact: Momentage,

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