March/April 2013


Add to your portable flash lighting tool set with the Rogue Flash Gels Color Correction Kit from ExpoImaging. It contains three of each color gel and three attachment bands if you use multiple flashes. The kit comes with the most commonly used correction and diffusion gels, including 1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, Plus Green, 1/2 CTB, and 1 ƒ-stop diffusion. Using color-correction gels with your flash improves color balance and consistency, particularly when shooting indoors under incandescent and fluorescent lights. List Price: $29. Contact: ExpoImaging, (800) 446-5086,


Store your files on a drive that can handle a few dings and drops using the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt. It’s fast, flexible and strong. With Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces, the drive gives you connectivity options, and the USB 3.0 interface is backward-compatible so you can connect it to computers with USB 2.0. Available models include 1 TB HDD, 120 GB SSD and 256 GB SSD. The Rugged SSD delivers speeds of up to 380 MB/s while the HDD can perform at up to 110 MB/s. The design is the same as the first drive with a removable bright orange rubber protective case. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $199. Contact: LaCie, (503) 844-4500,


Lock down your DSLR on the dependable Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT tripod. The central column adjusts from 0 to 180º angles in variable vertical and horizontal positions using the Multi-Angle Central Column. This is useful when taking macro and wide-angle shots. The Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock System allows you to quickly reposition the center column in one movement. Other features include advanced camera vibration and shock control, and legs that adjust to 25°, 50° and 80° angles. The aluminum tripod weighs 4.4 pounds, supports 15.4 pounds, extends to 65 inches and folds to 24.7 inches. Estimated Street Price: $150. Contact: Vanguard, (800) 875-3322,


Check your histogram, composition and focus under bright sunlight easily with the Hoodman Compact HoodLoupe. Wear it around your neck like a normal loupe, and when it’s time to review your image, simply pull the HoodLoupe out to full extension and place it over the LCD. If your vision isn’t perfect, it has a +/-3 diopter adjustment. Precise optics deliver a 1:1 ratio for non-pixelated LCD screen viewing. A detachable lanyard and protective storage
case are included. For video capture, HoodLoupe integrates with 1?4-20 mounting solutions. List Price: TBA. Contact: Hoodman, (800) 818-3946,


Make sure each shot is as sharp as can be using the Flashpoint F-2127 Version II Carbon Fiber tripod, which supports 17.6 pounds, extends to a maximum height of 57 inches and has 3-section legs. Besides the lightweight advantages—this tripod weighs just 2.7 pounds without a head—carbon fiber doesn’t transfer heat like aluminum, but does absorb vibrations so images look sharper. The F-2127 also comes with flip locks for fast operation, and the center column can become a low column for ground-level use. Estimated Street Price: $179. Contact: Flashpoint (Adorama), (800) 223-2500,

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