New Gear: July/August 2014


The Photo Monopod by Benro uses a ball socket design with an extra-wide base and swivel pod foot for steady support on almost any surface. The rubberized grip provides a firm and comfortable way to carry the monopod. Leg-lock levers include an anti-rotation system, ensuring the legs won’t twist and swivel while allowing quick height adjustments. Head mount threads are available in both 1?4"-20 and 3?8"-16 sizes. Max load ranges from 39.6 to 55 pounds, depending on the model. List Price: $65-$173. Contact: Benro,


Photographers who use both the on-camera flash and an off-camera strobe will enjoy the versatility of the LumiQuest Mini Kit with three elements. The Soft Screen is a diffuser for the DSLR pop-up flash that mounts via the camera hot-shoe. The Mini SoftBox maintains a low profile while diffusing light and increasing the original strobe light output by four to five times. The Ultra Strap is a secure, nonadhesive flash attachment. All three pieces are provided in a small pouch. List Price: $40. Contact: LumiQuest,


The iM2050 GP1 and GP2 Pelican Storm Cases are constructed of a high-performance HPX polymer outer shell with a custom foam interior to protect one (GP1) or two (GP2) GoPro cameras, mounts and cables/accessories. The Press & Pull latches protect the case from opening despite tumbles. The lid includes a polymer O-ring for dust and watertight sealing and an auto-pressure-equalization Vortex valve to prevent moisture or vacuum locking, even at high altitudes. List Price: $99 (GP1); $109 (GP2). Contact: Pelican,


For photographers constantly on the move, incorporating mobile editing into your workflow can be a real advantage for efficiency. Adobe‘s new Lightroom mobile for the iPad provides tagging and editing functionality that mirrors the desktop application, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with Lightroom 5 through cloud functionality. As you work, your mobile edit automatically updates to your desktop. Local download is available for offline editing, or view and share images directly through when you sign in with your Adobe Creative Cloud ID. List Price: Free (with Creative Cloud subscription). Contact: Adobe,


Due to its small size and, of course, its multitasking capabilities, our go-to camera is often our smartphone. Optrix has designed the rugged, waterproof PhotoProX case with interchangeable lenses so you can truly capture photos everywhere you go. Lenses include a macro, fisheye, telephoto 2x and low profile 0°. In addition to the housi
ng and lenses, the PhotoProX includes an O-ring, padded lens case, leash and lens cloth. Compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S and 5c. List Price: $149. Contact: Optrix,

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