December 2011


Use your Canon EF lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera body with the LiveLens MFT from Redrock Micro. The lens mount has a touch pad that allows you to control the aperture in increments as small as a 1/3-stop, and it works with nearly all available EF models, including variable-aperture zoom, prime, L-series and third-party EF-compatible lenses. The compact LiveLens MFT weighs less than six ounces. List Price: $442. Contact: Redrock Micro, (888) 214-3903


Keep your DSLR at the ready when in transit using the The Heralder series from Vanguard. The fast-action messenger bags have a Quick Top Access feature that lets you get the camera out quickly without fumbling around for it. Three sizes are available, with the smallest holding a DSLR, three to four lenses and a laptop, and the largest storing a couple of camera bodies, five to six lenses, a 15-inch laptop and a tripod. A detachable inner pouch lets you remove your gear and turn the Heralder into an everyday bag. Other features include a padded antislip shoulder strap for even weight distribution across shoulders and a bunch of storage pockets. Estimated Street Price: $139 to $199. Contact: Vanguard, (800) 875-3322,


Create just the kind of light you want with the Photo Basics 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Kit from Westcott. A translucent white disc softens harsh overhead sunlight or lights without diffusion. You can use the removable, reversible zippered slipcover to reflect light into the shadow areas of a subject. The cover consists of silver, gold, white and black. The 40-inch reflector folds down to one-third its open size, and comes with a carry case for easy transport. There are also 20-, 30- and 50-inch models available now. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $19. Contact: FJ Westcott, (800) 886-1689,


ack up your image files to a local hard drive while also automatically mirroring an AES-encrypted copy to a cloud server daily with the LaCie CloudBox. If the device is damaged or inoperable, you still have online copies of all your files. Using LaCie’s Online Restore software, you can browse and restore files and folders, up to 10 previous versions. Access is password-restricted, making your online backup even more secure. The CloudBox comes with a one-year subscription for 100 GB. Estimated Street Price: $199. Contact: LaCie, (503) 844-4500,


Use your Really Right Stuff L-Bracket with the company’s new Cable Release Spacer for expanded functionality when it’s tethered to a laptop or another device. The CRS has a dovetail at one end and a clamp on the other. The clamp mounts to any Really Right Stuff dovetail while the additional dovetail provides extra mounting options. A cable-locking bar helps secure input and output cables that may be attached to the camera, preventing accidental disconnection or damage that may result from unintentional removal. Estimated Street Price: $66. Contact: Really Right Stuff, (888) 777-5557,


Add light exactly where you need it in a scene with the Litepanels Croma, an on-camera LED that lets you control color temperature and lighting intensity. Two ergonomic dials allow you to dim the light from 100% to zero and dial in fill light to any point between daylight (5600°K) and tungsten (3200°K). Croma weighs 12 ounces, measures 6x4x2 inches and is housed in a rubber and plastic shell. It comes with a metal ballhead shoe mount so you can position the light the way you want when using it on camera. Also included are a gel filter kit, AC adapter and carrying case. List Price: TBA. Contact: Litepanels, (818) 752-7009,

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