2015 Editors’ Choice Awards


What appeals to me about HoldFast Gear‘s innovative Money Maker camera-carrying solution isn’t simply that you can have up to three cameras at the ready—awesome for event and wedding photographers­—but that you can also attach HoldFast’s Explorer Lens Pouch and Indispensable Wallet to carry lenses, memory cards and more. It’s a modular rethinking of traditional camera-carrying solutions, handmade with premium materials in Oklahoma. List Price: From $200. Contact: HoldFast Gear, www.holdfastgear.com. —WP


The Lytro Illum is an exciting step forward in camera technology. At roughly the same size as a compact camera, the Illum instead uses its built-in 8x optical zoom to capture a "light field" of information not only about the intensity and color spectrum of scattered light rays, but also the incoming direction. This gives the "40-megaray" sensor the ability to capture images that will let you alter depth of field on the image file itself, effectively removing the need for aperture and focus. Estimated Street Price: $1,599. Contact: Lytro, Inc., www.lytro.com. —DW

TAMRON 14-150mm Di III

Of the cameras I own, the one that has been getting a lot of use lately is an Olympus OM-D E-M5. The Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera is compact, robust and produces excellent image quality. To lighten the kit even more, I’ve been using the new Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens. On the Olympus, it gives me the effect of a 28-300mm, making it a perfect all-in-one zoom for MFT. Images are sharp, and it’s tough to beat the combination of price, size, weight and performance. Estimated Street Price: $589. Contact: Tamron, www.tamron-usa.com. —CR


Today, more than ever, fast, high-capacity storage solutions are essential. High-megapixel digital cameras and HD—and even 4K—video capabilities mean the photographer needs plenty of storage and quick performance. G-Technology‘s G-DRIVE USB is fast (USB 3.0, 3.5-inch 7200 rpm drive), affordable, compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (easily reformatted for Windows 8.1, 8 and 7) and comes in large capacities. All units measure 1.34×7.72×5.06 inches and feature aluminum enclosures. Estimated Street Price: $159 (2 TB); $179 (3 TB); $199 (4 TB); $399 (6 TB). Contact: G-Technology, www.g-technology.com. —MS


Though I haven’t had a chance yet to spend a full day shooting with the new 4K-capable Samsung NX1 camera, I did get to go hands-on with it at Samsung’s recent "Ditch The DSLR" event in Hollywood. The magnesium body exudes pro-quality construction, complemented by new weather-sealed S-series lenses. One standout feature for me was the ability to tap on the touch-screen LCD to set a focus point, then select a separate area of the scene to set exposure. A more in-depth review of the camera is in this issue. List Price: $1,499 (body only). Contact: Samsung, www.samsung.com. —WP

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