Tools For Lighting Outdoor Portraits

Interfit Photographic Portrait Reflector Kit

Photoflex provides a number of reflector solutions that range in size from the affordable 12" LiteDisc Circular Reflectors to the large 42" MultiDisc Kit with Large LiteStand and LiteDisc Holder. The 5-in-1 Kit offers gold, soft gold, silver, white and translucent materials in a single system for gaining evenly illuminated bounce, high-contrast specular highlights, warmth, all-around fill, neutral reflection and diffusion. Estimated Street Price: $215.

Flags from Matthews Studio Equipment

Available in Silver/White or Zebra/White, the 32" Sun-Mover from California Sunbounce offers two handles and a spring steel ridge that keeps the reflector taut for consistency in the reflected light and sturdiness during windy days. The Silver/White gives you a choice between strong, specular light and softer, more diffused natural light. The Zebra pattern is a combination of gold and silver for warmth with more moderate contrast. Estimated Street Price: $99 (Silver/White); $109 (Zebra/White).

F.J. Westcott 24×36-Inch Fast Flag Kit

California Sunbounce
(Bron Imaging Group)
F.J. Westcott Company
Gary Fong
Interfit Photographic
Matthews Studio Equipment

Eliminating the need for an assistant to hold your reflectors, the 36×24-inch Portrait Reflector kit from Interfit Photographic includes one Gold/Silver reflector and two Sunlight/Silver reflectors that can be finely adjusted on a multi-angle joint arm for combining reflected light on the face of your subject. The heavy arm secures to a light stand (not included). For outdoor use, it’s recommended that you use a weight at the base of the stand to keep the system from blowing over. Estimated Street Price: $109.

Matthews Studio Equipment produces a number of flags with varying sizes and shapes that begin small at 12×18 inches and go up to 48×48 inches. The frames are sturdy for mounting to stands. Additionally, Matthews offers the 18×24-inch RoadRags Black Flag and the 24×36-inch RoadRags II Flag, which are also available in kits with scrims and silks for diffusion effects. Both models sport an elastic corded frame for easy folding and portability. Estimated Street Price: Begins at $25.

F.J. Westcott offers a number of Fast Flags materials for blocking and diffusing light, including the 24×36-inch Fast Flag Kit with an assortment of inte
rchangeable flags and diffusion fabrics that can be mounted to two included carbon-steel frames. The kit collapses for travel into a carrying case, and it contains a Single Black Net Fabric, a Double Black Net, a 2-Stop Artificial Silk and a Black Block Fabric. Estimated Street Price: $215.

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