High-Power Monolights

For versatility in and out of the studio, these high-output strobes are ideal

When it comes time to invest in in serious strobe lighting, many photographers opt for the versatility of monolights. Whereas pack-based systems typically provide greater output (measured in watt seconds, or ws, equivalent to joules), monolights are modular, self-contained and less expensive—making them the ideal entrée into the studio strobe lighting... Read more

On-Camera Lighting

Accessories and light modifiers for controlling speedlight flashes and adding photographic effects

Camera flashes are highly directional light sources. This means that the burst of light is coming from a single light source, the bulb, resulting in an uneven style of lighting with a brightly lit subject in the foreground and a lot of heavy shadows surrounding the subject. This effect is especially unappealing when working with portraiture, which,... Read more

Off-Camera Lighting

Monolight and strobe options for powerful studio lighting capabilities

Monolight and strobe options for powerful studio lighting capabilitiesFor freezing action, creating exciting motion effects or achieving fast shutter speeds and extended depth of field, monolights and strobes are lighting systems that are portable enough for field work and bright enough for work in the studio. Monolights are generally thought of as... Read more

Monolights & Strobes

Gear options for powerful and fast illumination to capture the action or create amazing effects

Monolights, flashes and strobes are lighting systems capable of timed bursts of light in a rapid sequence. Because the bursts of light are intermittent, they’re much cooler to use instead of most traditional continuous light sources, especially important in closed studio environments. Low-heat continuous LED lights are challenging this advantage,... Read more

Benefits Of Continuous Lighting

Constant light sources are great solutions for both still and video because what you see is what you get

Continuous lighting is always on, and the obvious advantage to working with continuous light sources is that unlike strobes and monolights, which take a great deal of practice to learn before you inherently understand what changes will look like in a shot, what you’re seeing in the real world with continuous lights will closely resemble the image... Read more

Instant Portrait Studio

Five essential tools for creating stunning portraits at home

Ever thought of opening your own portrait studio? With a few key pieces of gear and a little space at home, you can start earning extra income photographing friends and neighbors and grow your business with referrals. You may already have a lot of the gear you’ll need. Here are the components for a basic setup. BACKDROP One of the most important... Read more

Studio Strobes

Monolights for premium studio light

When people refer to a monolight or a strobe, they’re talking about a light that produces a short, but very powerful burst of light for illuminating a scene or a subject and, when used to their maximum abilities, for freezing the actions of a subject or achieving high levels of sharpness in a scene. A monolight will incorporate most of the controls... Read more

Continuous Lights For Still & Video

Constant lighting solutions, from traditional fixtures to new led systems

Continuous lighting solutions have seen a lot more attention over the last few years thanks to the need for a constant light source that will provide illumination for both stills and video. Traditionally based on tungsten, halogen and fluorescent bulbs, the advantage of continuous lights for still shooting is that the effects can be seen in the real... Read more

Flash & Accessories

Extensive lighting possibilities with a single flash

Modern flashes are extremely versatile, thanks to their compact size and relatively low power consumption in comparison to studio lights, alongside amazing features like wireless control over flash functions, a variety of lighting modes for a variety of lighting effects and automatic TTL (through-the-lens) synchronization of exposure even at long distances.... Read more

Master Your Flash

Start with the basics to take full creative advantage of modern flash systems

Flashes have never been so powerful. The portable, affordable and simple-to-use units pack a lot of punch in an efficient design that can be hidden almost anywhere within a scene, making modern flashes and their wireless capabilities a particularly versatile solution, whether lighting a single subject or orchestrating a complicated setup with multiple... Read more