The Shutter Sisters’ Great Gear Guide

Gathering an arsenal of the right camera equipment is important to all photographers—hobbyists, amateurs and pros alike. But what’s included in each collection is as diverse and unique as the perspectives of those photographers.

In other words, no two camera bags are alike. No one knows that quite like the community at Shutter Sisters. With a demographic that spans a wide spectrum of ages, geographic locations, ethnicities, experience levels and, yes, even gender—some of our beloved enthusiasts happen to be “brothers”—the variety of gear we carry is quite diverse.

From the latest and greatest to the tried and true to the fun and funky, our camera bags are brimming with a plethora of gear goodness. We asked a few of our community members to share their favorites with us, and this is what we gathered.
—Tracey Clark


Leslie Adams sings the praises of two totally different Fuji cameras. The first is the Fujifilm X100S (, which she bought for “travel and everyday, around-town use.” She says it’s “lighter in weight and easier to lug around than my DSLR!” Sounds perfect to us.

She adds, “I love, love, love my Fuji instax mini 90 and carry it everywhere. Those little prints are just too fun!” Indeed. With a number of bells and whistles for such a tiny little analog camera, it sure does look like a blast to use.



Julia Clark, a young iPhoneographer, comments that casing her iPhone with a LifeProof Case ( gives her the ability to use her mobile camera in places she had only dreamed of before. Underwater is one of her favorite ways to shoot, and she knows she has LifeProof to thank for giving her the freedom that allows her that kind of unlimited creativity.



Holly Clark can’t live without her Elle Strap from BlackRapid ( She explains, “It keeps my camera right by my hand at all times, ready to lift at a moment’s notice, but out of the way at my side while I’m photo-walking.” The Elle is specifically designed for women, by women, and is offered in a subtle black-on-black floral design, as well as the more traditional plain black version. What’s not to love?



As for what to carry all of this awesome gear in, Shutter Sisters founder Tracey Clark is partial to the Charlotte by Epiphanie ( She shares, “The taller, thin shape makes it easy and comfortable to wear cross-shoulder. A low-profile messenger-type silhouette is hard to find in a camera bag.” Kristina Rust agrees and adds, “It’s the perfect day bag, and it’s so stylish.” Fashion meeting function is the best-case scenario. We love that about Epiphanie bags. And they’re not just for sisters! They offer a bag for men, too, and it’s quite dapper.



Annie Samuels is crazy for Nikon‘s wireless mobile adapters (, which allow two-way communication between your camera and your smartphone or tablet. With this little device, you can transfer images to your smart device directly, without using a computer, or use your smart device as a remote shutter release for your camera. Win-win!



Kristina Rust speaks of one of her go-to lenses, “I love my Canon 85mm ƒ/1.8 telephoto lens ( It’s lightweight, fast and produces a beautiful bokeh.” Nancy Lennon agrees, and is also a fan of the “dreamy bokeh” the Canon 85mm offers. It’s a perfect choice for beautiful portraits and still lifes alike.

We’re all pretty excited about the latest offering from Lensbaby (, the brand-new LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile. We’ve got tons of prolific iPhoneographers in our community (just look at our Instagram feed), so a lens that can be used with our phone cameras that helps us “see in a new way” can only be a good thing. Holly Clark says that Lensbaby products enable her to “show a dreamier side to the more mundane aspects of life.” The new mobile lens is no exception!

To round out our list, we wrap up with a most intriguing photography gadget that’s at the top of our wish list. Autographer ( is a wearable camera that records life as naturally and spontaneously as it happens. It’s a tiny camera that shoots automatically as you wear it. Sign us up!

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