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Short Reports: Logitech NuLOOQ Navigator

Though enhancing my images can be fun, especially when I’m working with a great photograph, it also can be incredibly time consuming. I like making my photos look better, but increasingly, I much prefer to be outside just making images rather than seeing the hours flash by under the glow of the LCD monitor.

As a result, I’m often finding ways to be more efficient when working with Photoshop. Adopting a rigid workflow, keyboard shortcuts and Actions are just a few of the ways I try to shave off seconds that can quickly add up to minutes and hours at the computer.

The Logitech NuLOOQ Navigator is an innovative device that holds the promise of allowing common functions of photo editing to become both easier and faster. The stationary, nonslip device features a navring that surrounds the circumference of the NuLOOQ. The navring performs pan and zoom navigation by being twisted either clockwise or counterclockwise in increments of plus or minus four degrees. You can also shift the navring forward or backward and left or right by 1mm to navigate within the image.

While you can certainly do some of these things with a mouse and keyboard shortcuts, the ability to operate this as a separate function allowed me to shave seconds from different common movements. Zooming in and out and moving around the image with the NuLOOQ Navigator freed me from having to hit keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of my image. Though I can achieve a similar effect using my mouse’s scroll wheel, I quickly preferred using the NuLOOQ for this purpose.

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