Ghost On A Bridge

Ghost On A Bridge
Michael Bilotta
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It's an odd thing to have written a song almost twenty years ago, to have recorded it which meant performing it over and over again, listened to it countless times while it is mixed and mastered, and then let a stretch of years go by without ever hearing it, only to find it creep back into your head nearly two decades later. Somewhere in my house is an old tape of it, somewhere in this house is a lyric sheet, but I find it rather interesting to let it return in fragments, to reassemble itself and assert some relevance for some unknown reason in your mind. Such is the case here, as the song is the basis for this image. What are ghosts? Do I even believe in them? I think not, but they certainly are a romantic notion, an alluring prospect, and at the very least an intriguing concept visually. Even in my youth when I wrote the song I didn't really believe in the afterlife or haunted spirits of the dead, but it was still then as it is now my desire to merge the fantastical and surreal with some psychological subtext. I have worked on this image off and on for about a week. When I started and as the song came back to me, apparently intent on attaching itself to the image, I could only remember the melody of the song, and the chorus. Then, pieces of the verses would materialize. Tonight, as I finished it, I remembered still more. What is it trying to say to me? The song was about being stuck - between the past and the uncertain future, or between letting go and moving on. It is about inertia - the kind that creeps into your life if you are not careful and brave enough to move forward. The past is gone, but the future is so full of shadow and fear, it is easier to remain still on a bridge between them with the ghosts of the past. It's not real - the bridge or the ghosts, but then, neither is the future until it comes. So I stay

January 1, 2014

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