Sea Turtle Encounter

Sea Turtle Encounter
Victor Droogh
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During my trip to Curacao with my girlfriend, we went to Klein Curacao a uninhabbited island near the main island of Curacao. We heard there was a good change of seeing sea turtles when you would go straight of the boot to the more southern part of island. When you would arrive later during the day they might be gone, because of the disturbance by the people. So straight after arrival we dove straight in the sea to swim to shore and ran to the southern part of the island. We asked one of the employees of the trip for tips and he said go to the last cabain / beach bench and go into the water. Following up his tip we went into the water at the cabain and within a few mintues I was rewarded with my first encounter with a wild sea turtle. I was amazed how gracefully these turtles moved in the water. With my underwater camera I started shooting pictures, but it was very hard to get a good shot because the screen was barely visible underwater. The sea turtle was swimming away and I could not keep up with it. So I swam arround some more and very soon came across another and another so I had plentyfull opportunities to get a good shot. The one now uploaded was very close to the surface just before the turtle was going for a breath. Because of this the colours are vibrant and the details are great.

April 12, 2013

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