Stormy Sunset At Pomponio Beach

Stormy Sunset At Pomponio Beach
Srividya Narasimhan
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An autumn storm was supposed to roll in from the Pacific around sunset. Threatening storm clouds seemed to be rolling in thick and fast from the coast. I decided to drive to the coast hoping for the storm clouds to catch the last light of day. I had surveyed the Pomponio Beach area a few days before, but had planned to return when light & conditions were better suited for photography. Even as I pulled into the beach, I noticed a break in the sky at the horizon. The beach was quite deserted because of the oncoming storm, so I had all of it to myself to scout for potential locations to photograph. Fortunately for me, as the sun began to set in the distance, the break in the horizon became more pronounced and the overhead storm clouds were set ablaze in various hues of red, orange and pink. I used the cliffs overlooking the beach to balance the blazing storm clouds and the beach itself became a reflection pool. The show at the beach lasted long enough for me to make this image. Within a few minutes of the sun setting, the color was completely stripped from the clouds and the entire area turned into a grey blanket.

December 8, 2010
Half Moon Bay

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